Schutzhund Training: 11 Insightful Articles on How to Train the Schutzhund (Proven Tips!)

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Schutzhund Training A Great Way To Spend Your Day

We unfortunately live in a time when everyone seems to be pressed for time. We rarely have the time to spend time with those we care about and when we do it is often not face to face but rather through a phone or the computer. Sometimes it is nice to be able to spend some enjoying the company around us. If you love dogs and the people who like dogs then Schutzhund training may be the answer you seek.

Schutzhund competitions started in Germany as a way for breeders to determine which dogs were best suited for breeding purposes. It has evolved into a structured sport with standardized rules and regulations. Although it is most often associated with German Shepherds, it is open to any breed of dog that has the correct temperament for its somewhat rigorous standards. You can see a fantastic free Schutzhund dog training video HERE.

Started in Germany as a way to determine the best breeding stock, Schutzhund competitions have grown into a real sport with standardized rules around the world. It has become increasingly popular in Canada and the United States and is now the fastest growing dog sport on the continent. Although the competitions can be fun, the real joy may be in the training. This training is divided into three distinct phases, just like the competitions themselves.

Tracking is the first of these and for many dogs it is the easiest to master. It simply requires that the dogs use their superior sense of smell to find a person’s trail and a few items left along the way. This comes naturally to most dogs and the training really only involves teaching the dog what to do when he finds the trail or the items along it.

The obedience training presents more of a challenge for many dogs. Not only are the dogs required to do a series of actions, such as retrieve, heel and stay, but they must do it while surrounded by a group of people. In addition there is a gunfire test which determines the amount of trust a dog has in its handler and that they have the ability to ignore even extreme distractions.

The final phase is the one that may seem a bit intimidating to newcomers to the sport. In the protection part of the training the dogs will be taught how to attack on command and defend themselves from oncoming attack. It must be stressed that at no time during the training or competition may the dog appear to be out of the handler’s control. All attacks must happen only when ordered and must stop instantly when the order to do so is given. When not actually being asked to be aggressive, the dog must remain calm and of pleasant temperament.

Schutzhund training is not about turning your beloved best friend into a vicious guard dog. It is about you and your dog learning to communicate with and trust one another. Take the time to visit a club near your and you will find it is made up of people just like you who are spending the day getting to know their dogs better while in the company of friends.

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The Schutzhund Training Program Designed To Produce Effective Guard Dogs

Schutzhund training is one way to solve the quizzical love/hate relationship dogs have with humans. You either love them or hate them. This dichotomy is often the result of mistaken understandings and notions by us humans. These misunderstandings are triggered by people who fail to understand that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. In those situations can lead to confusion and misplaced fears.

A clear example of this mindset is guard dog concept. The public perception of guard dogs is that of a snarling, lunging devil intent to maim or kill. This is borne out of the irresponsible behavior of owners who are not willing to learn the basic training required for guard training. Learn the proper methods with our free schutzhund training videos

Schutzhund (German for security dog), as the training method is widely known, is all about training well a dog for guarding and protection purposes and done properly, he will work hard and love immensely the housemates and their possessions. However, Schutzhund also demands a whole lot of extra responsibility on the part of the owner. A fair comparison is a 0.454 Casull firer, which demands careful attention on the part of the proper functioning of the transfer safety bar. Or, think the sport as a means to turn the quintessential junkyard dog, without any sort of training and human interaction into a logical creature who knows when to wag its tail and when to snap. In simpler words, it is sophisticating an untamed beast and making it gain control over its impulses, either by itself or through the commands. It is more than making a dog a mere alert barker.

The Schutzhund program relies on the notion that a dog is a pack animal. It teaches a dog to direct energy towards protecting itself and its pack leader, the owner. Some breeds have better guard dog potential than others, herding breeds having the greatest potential. Their inherent protective nature is malleable and can be directed and shaped by the Schutzhund program.

Herding breeds rule the roost in this regard. Their inherent protective nature comes to great use. Additionally, some breeds such as the Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherds, can be effective alert barkers and wary of strangers while focusing on protecting the pack. Dogs from the Molosser family also qualify well on this point. But best of all is the German Shepherds, well known for their intelligence, stable temperament, assertive yet sociable personality. These qualities blend together and make the German Shepherds highly trainable by an experienced dog handler. Nevertheless, like us humans, dogs, are individuals. Some may be headstrong, requiring highly experienced handlers. Unless correctly educated, dogs can become dysfunctional.

Contrary to popular perception, Schutzhund schooling does not merely train a dog how to snarl and bite. Rather, the objective is allow a dog to harness its powers and allow them to identify danger situations and how to behave in those situations. The program allows a dog to exert control over its natural instincts. The program educates the dog beyond acting as a mere barking alarm.

That implies that socialization with humans is a vital part of the Schutzhund program. It teaches a dog to recognize its surroundings and overall situation. The program is best initiated when the dog is between 8 and 12 weeks of age. After Schutzhund discipline, obedience training must also be completed. This is vital because a dog must understand when to release, bite or step back from an attack. Obedience training best thought of as an invisible leash designed to control animal instincts.

The Schutzhund training program is multi-level. It demands time, effort and dedication by the owner, as much as the dog. Moreover, the owner may have to reexamine some of his or her attitudes and behaviors during the program if it is to be successful. The program covers protection or guard work and also some obedience and tracking training. The behavior of a dog very much reflects how it is respected by the owner. The Schutzhund program can often be a mirror for the owner.

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Schutzhund Training Methodical & Systematic

Schutzhund training is a systematic canine training program designed by dog experts. It was designed in Germany in the early years of the twentieth century to aid development of the German Shepherd breed. Today it has broader application to all dog breeds.

Some individuals enter the program as a rigorous, systematic means to train themselves and their dog for canine competitions. Other individuals see it simply as a good way to train their dog as a pet to better value it as an obedient companion. Either way, the program has shown great success for both purposes.

There are three basic grading levels for dogs in the program. All evaluation tests are conducted by a certified assessor that is independent of, and unrelated to, the handler.

For Pahse I, the candidate must be at least 16 months old and pass a temperament test. Second, the dog must pass a significant range of obedience tests including to heel off the leash; demonstrate the walking-sit, the walking-down positions; demonstrate the down and stay positions; demonstrate three forms of retrieving (on flat, over hurdle, over scaling wall); demonstrate the send-out. Third, the dog must demonstrate a tracking ability, usually assessed as an ability to follow a track with two turns laid by its handler at least 20 minutes earlier, and successfully find two objects. Finally, several character tests are also evaluated.

For Stage II, the dog must be greater than 18 months of age and have passed Stage I. The dog must pass Stage II again with all the individual test elements made more demanding in terms of agility, endurance and control. Additionally, the dog must show a walking stand. For tracking, the dog must follow a track laid by a stranger more than 30 minutes earlier with two turns. Along the track, the dog must find two objects.

For Stage III, the dog must be greater than 20 months of age and have passed Stage II. The dog must pass Stage III again with all the individual test elements made more demanding. Additionally, the dog must show a running stand. For tracking, the dog must follow a track laid by a stranger more than 60 minutes earlier with four turns. Along the track the dog must find three objects.

The aim of protection phase is not to heighten aggression. Striking the right balance involves dedicated focus and inevitably requires much time. Schutzhund training, particularly its protection phase, is used widely by police and military organizations, coast guards, private security organizations and, of course, private individuals.

Top Schutzhund dog training for your unique pet is available from a experienced handler. You can learn more about Schutzhund obedience training by checking applicable Internet sites.