Dog Chewing Stop – Train Your Best Friend To End Today Excessive Chewing (with 2 Video Lessons)

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Every dog has a natural instinct to chew. Every dog has the natural instinct to clean its teeth and improve its biting skills. Chewing the right toys can help dogs clean their teeth and remove plaque.

How to Stop Inappropriate Dog Chewing

Although dog chewing is healthy and natural, it does not mean that a dog should be allowed to chew anything. Every dog must learn to distinguish between what is permissible and what is not, such as toys and ropes.

Housetraining for 2 Weeks

It is best to housetrain a puppy for at least two weeks. This is necessary to not only prevent excessive dog chewing but also to house-train the puppy.

For older dogs, it is a good idea to confine them to a smaller area for the first few days. This allows the dog to become familiar with the sights and smells of the new home.

If you have a small area to set up, make sure you give your dog or puppy a few chew toys to keep him busy while you are away. The dog must also have a place to sleep, as well as plenty of clean water.

Dogs may have more chances to chew on inappropriate objects as they are slowly moved around the house. It is important that you keep all items that your dog or puppy shouldn’t chew, such as throw rugs and shoes, safe for them to have greater access to your home. 

 You should not punish the dog if you forget to move it and return home to find that the dog chewed it. Instead, distract your dog with a favorite toy and take the item out of its mouth.

You should give your dog a favorite toy. When the dog begins to pick up its favorite toy, praise it. This will teach your puppy that certain chewing actions are rewarded and not other things.

Teaching Your Dog How to Chew

dog chewing preventionIt is important to teach your dog how to chew. This is not only for safety reasons for expensive furniture and rugs but also for your dog’s safety. Dogs have been known to chew on dangerous objects like extension cords. This can cause severe injury to the dog or even ignite a fire.

Dogs learn how to chew quickly. However, some dogs are more adept than others. Dogs can chew when they’re bored so it is important to provide lots of toys and other activities for them.

You can also schedule multiple play sessions every day. One should be right before you go every day. Chances are that your dog will go to sleep if he or she is tired from the play session.

Separation Anxiety & Dog Chewing

Separation anxiety is also a common problem that causes dog chewing. Dogs can become anxious when their owners are away. Some dogs worry that they may never see their owner again. Dogs can become destructive and chew on the house, as a result of stress. Separation anxiety must be addressed. The dog should be assured that it will return if necessary.

It is best to schedule multiple trips inside and outside the home each day and then spread the times out. The initial trips may only last a few minutes. As separation anxiety improves, the length of the trips will gradually increase.

Stop Dog Chewing – Video 1

Stop Dog Chewing – Video 2

Dog Chewing Problem & Dog Training Classes

Many people have begun the task of getting their dog or puppy into a dog training school. There are a lot of aspects that are gone over in dog training classes. Unfortunately, one part of dog training that is not gone over very well in dog training classes is chewing.

It is hard to go over a chewing problem in dog training classes because dogs often have nothing to chew on or destroy while in the class! If you are one of those people who are in dog training classes, but you still need help with dog chewing, please read on.

This type of dog training can be for dogs young and old. Many people find this part of dog training to be more common in puppies. But older dogs have been known to need this type of dog training because they love to chew things up while their owners are away!

Solve the Dog Chewing Problem by Creating a “Toy Box”

To begin this type of dog training, you must first realize that all dogs chew. Dogs need to chew. So when you begin, make sure you have several things that are ok for your dog to chew on. Then begin your dog training by keeping all of your dog chewing toys in one location.

This way, your dog will learn to associate this spot with his or her chew toys. You must do this in order for this type of dog training to work. Try to have the dog toys in a “toy box” for your dog.

During this dog training, never spank or hit your dog if you catch it chewing on something it is not allowed to. Instead, for effective dog training, praise your dog and pet it when it chews on what it is supposed to chew on.

It has been shown that dogs respond much better to positive praise and positive dog training. If the dog continues to chew on things that it shouldn’t, verbally reprimand it. Your tone of voice will be enough punishment and is the only punishment necessary for this kind of dog training.

End the Dog Chewing Problem with the “Bitter Apple”

Another method of dog training you can try is to put a taste deterrent on the items your dog shouldn’t chew. This Dog Training chew deterrent is called “bitter apple” and it is available at most pet stores.

These are the most effective means of dog training that will teach your dog not to chew on inappropriate things. If you follow all of these aspects, your dog training should go more smoothly.

Dog training can be a fun and rewarding experience…as long as all of your favorite things aren’t chewed up in the process! Keep calm and be patient to achieve good results.

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