Dog Training Hand Signals

Dog Training Hand Signals 101 – Learn How to Easily Train Your Dog Training Using Hand Signals [New!]

In this post, you will find a clear and simple explanation of the use of dog training hand signals. Read it carefully and you will have one more tool to better train your dog… Please Note: For the most accurate information on dog training, visit the Doggy Dan Special Page and you will learn effective dog training [and more] through […]

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dog socialization

Dog Socialization 101: Get the Upper Hand Teaching Your Dog To Interact With People, Dogs & Other Animals

Dog socialization is a crucial issue when you begin to train your puppy or your adult dog. In this post we address some basic questions that a novice dog owner must necessarily find answers to. Please Note: For an outstanding dog training course, visit the Doggy Dan Special Page and you will learn excellent training techniques through […]

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Dog Training Systems

Dog Training Techniques: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly [4 Head Start Techniques – Unique Dog Training Advice]!

The following dog training techniques are based on the Operant Conditioning Theory of Dog Training that uses conditioning methods to influence a dog’s behavior. They can be of help for managing problem behaviors such as barking, jumping up on people, chewing, digging, etc., but they are often controversial and are one of the many dog […]

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