Puppy Care and Training 101 – Important: Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Your New Dog!

Puppy Care and Training: the Basics

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Puppy Care and Training: the Basics

Puppy Care and TrainingEven if you’ve just attained the smartest puppy in human history, it isn’t going to know where its things are.

You must physically take your puppy and show him where his area is, where he is to sleep, where his food and water bowls are.

The best way to do this is to take the puppy and press his nose just to the surface of the water in his water bowl.

You want to repeat this process for his food dish. He’ll smell the food and the water and understand, these things are mine.

Puppy Care and Training: the Bed

Take him to his bed, to his newspaper-covered area; familiarize him with any toys that you’ve purchased.

Don’t overwhelm your puppy – leave things like collars and leashes alone for this first interview with the puppy.

Get him to understand where his food, water, and sleeping area is before you try to put him in clothes, collars, or leashes.

My grandmother had the sweetest little white dog when I was growing up.

He was half-poodle, half-Maltese, and I loved him dearly. But no matter how much I cared for that dog, he was her baby. She got him quite by accident one day.

She was returning from work and he was being mistreated, on the sidewalk where she walked. She gave the harried woman who was being mean to the little puppy ten dollars and immediately took him home.

My grandmother, having no pets up to that point, got home with her new puppy and realized she had no food for him. So, she fried up some bacon and eggs and gave the puppy some of what she was about to eat.

That dog was forever unable to consume dog food for the remainder of its life. Spoiled and pampered, he ate bacon and eggs from then on at least three times a week.

Baloney, hot dogs, and other dog-friendly foods rounded out his diet. He was, without a doubt, one of the most spoiled pets ever to live on this Earth.

Puppy Care and Training: Choosing the Right Food for Your Puppy

The moral of this story is that if you feed your puppy people food, that puppy will always want people’s food. Don’t think that even a puppy won’t turn its nose straight up in the air if given food that it doesn’t want to eat – it will.

Dogs will eat grass, sniff their own messes, and lick themselves in front of your company. But if you put some less-than-savory dog food in front of them, the dog suddenly becomes a connoisseur of cuisine – and nothing you can do will make it eat something it thinks it should not eat.

Puppy Care and Training – How to Prepare

If you unexpectedly find yourself with a puppy on your hands, you might be forced to throw something together in a pinch. It’s okay to give your pet special treats once in a while. And let’s be honest, you’re probably going to end up giving your puppy treats.

While bacon and eggs might not be a good idea, it’s okay to give your dog some baloney or pieces of the hot dog if you like. If you give the puppy real bacon, however, the puppy will never eat the fake bacon treats that you can purchase for your pet.

Puppy Care and Training: The Puppy’s Space

It’s best if you get prepared before you ever bring your puppy home. First things first, the puppy needs a little space to call its own. Perhaps a doggie bed with some toys, a food dish, and a water dish must all be laid out and made ready for the newest addition to your household.

If your puppy isn’t housebroken (and in almost every case, it will not be), put down a liberal amount of newspaper in the puppy’s area.

An untrained puppy is going to mess on the floor and there’s nothing you can do about that. By preparing for the worst and putting down plenty of newspaper, you might be able to save your flooring.

Have a place for your puppy to sleep. True, most puppies will grow into doggies that will sleep in bed with you, but in the beginning, your puppy may not be big enough to jump into bed.

Puppy Care and Training: Not in Your Bed…

You’ll have to put the puppy in your bed if that’s where you want your pet to sleep, but there is a note of caution with this. Animals that learn at a young age to sleep in your bed are always going to sleep in your bed. So you may want to have a special little bed just for your puppy.

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Puppy Care and Training – Bringing Your Puppy Home

Your puppy won’t know that your home is its home right away. Probably the first few weeks of life have been confusing for that puppy, anyway.

By the time your puppy comes home with you, it’s already been separated from its mother, brothers, and sisters, and might be coming into a home where no other animals live. It’s a very traumatic experience for your puppy, and keep in mind that the puppy doesn’t quite know who you are yet.

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