Rescue Dog Training: The Solutions to 4 Crucial Issues at Your Fingertips

dog rescue training - resource guarding behavioral issues

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In this post, you’ll find some crucial rescue dog training tips to face some common challenges you will probably face.

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Rescue Dog Training 1: How to Help Your Dog Overcome Resource Guarding Behaviors

It’s common for most dogs to struggle with a behavioral issue or two. However, if you’ve adopted a dog from the shelter, you might notice they struggle with specific types of behaviors such as resource guarding.

Resource guarding can become very dangerous and take a toll on your dog’s mental health, so it’s best to kick the habit as soon as possible.

The solution to Excessive Resource Guarding: This everyday problem can be fixed using Doggy Dan’s famous Dog Calming Code™ — which helps dogs settle down and relieves the anxiety they feel around guarding objects.

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Rescue Dog Training 2: Putting an End to Aggressive Behaviors

dog rescue training - ending Aggressive Behaviors

Aggression is one of the most serious dog issues out there. And sadly, some people struggle with aggression issues upon bringing a newly adopted dog into their home.

It’s vital that dog owners should have the resources to put an end to any dangerous behaviors (such as biting, lunging, and growling) before they become a serious issue and someone gets hurt!

The solution to Aggressive Behaviors: Again, this everyday problem can be fixed using the already mentioned Doggy Dan’s Dog Calming Code™, a kind, gentle training method that helps dogs relax and overcome aggressive tendencies.

Best of all, sharing this program with other dog owners in need not only saves lives but provides you with an opportunity to make some great commissions in the process.

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Rescue Dog Training 3: 5 Steps to Successfully Acclimate A Rescue Dog Into Your Home

dog rescue training - Acclimate A Rescue Dog

Bringing a rescue dog home is a very exciting experience. That being said, it can also be an overwhelming, scary, and challenging experience for both new dog owners and their pups!

The key to ensuring that rescue dogs don’t end up back in the shelter is providing people with the tools and info they need to acclimate a new dog successfully into their house.

A big part of acclimation is all about the training. In my most recent post, I share how new dog parents can use the famous Dog Calming Code™ program to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

The Easy Way to Acclimate a Dog Into Your Home

Are you interested in helping your dog? If your answer is yes, help me get the word out by sharing this insightful post by Doggy Dan:

How to Acclimate A Rescue Dog Into Your Home

Rescue Dog Training 4: 5 Methods for Helping Your Rescue Dog Overcome Anxiety

Rescue Dog Training: The Solutions to 4 Crucial Issues at Your Fingertips 1

Anxiety is by far one of the most common issues I see among the dogs I work with. Sadly, many rescue dogs end up coming home with some form of anxiety due to trauma, neglect, abuse, and other environmental factors.

It is my hope that new dog owners can find the solutions they need so these dogs don’t end up back in the shelter.

Want to help your adopted dog to overcome anxiety once and for all?

How to Help a Dog to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety issues can be fixed using the already mentioned Dog Calming Code™… This program has been designed to help dogs calm down, relax, and listen when it matters most. The more we share the program, the more that dogs (and their owners) can be helped.

Ready for training your rescue dog to help your pet overcome anxiety?

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More Tips for Adopted Dog Training

dog shelterCrate Training

Another important issue when dealing with an adopted dog education is crate training. To avoid mistakes you need to be careful with this type of training and understand that some dogs possibly had a negative experience with this in their precedent life.

If you will begin crate training with your adopted dog in the future, make sure that it will be a very positive experience for your pet. Never, I say “NEVER” force him to enter the crate. Take help your pet to all the time needed to feel comfortable!

Adopting a Puppy from the Shelter

This can be a daunting task because training a puppy is very difficult. So, if you lack time and will to undertake a proper training routine, you’re better to adopt an adult dog.

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