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Best Dog Food

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Choosing the Best Dog Food 

Fiber When choosing the type of dog food to feed your dog, you need to consider his age, breed, your dog’s activity level, and also his health condition. For instance, puppies and older dogs will have different types of nutritional needs and you need to ensure your dog or puppy has sufficient consumption of this nutrition for long and healthy life.

It is best if you seek advice from your veterinarian before deciding on which dog food to feed your dog or puppy. The two most popular choices of dog foods are:

1. Dry Dog Food

Feeding your dog with dry dog food, usually in small pieces of kibbles, is perhaps one of the most popular choices among dog owners. However, not all dog food brands use high-quality natural ingredients.

Ensure to read the label of ingredients listed before purchasing any brands of dog food. Here are some guidelines to help you to have some ideas of what the label actually tells you:

No Preservative, Artificial Colors, and Flavors: Generally, natural dog food contains no preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors. Consumption of these components may be harmful to your dog’s health if taken in a long run. Avoid those that labeled “chemical additives as a source of flavor”.

Color: Look out for the color of the dog food, generally canine food made from natural ingredients is in soft earth tones. The existence of other colors may contain some source of additives.

Type of Meat. Avoid brands that labeled “ingredients include meat by-product”. Choose one that is made from natural meat such as chicken, lamb or liver.

2. Raw Dog Food

According to veterinarians, feeding your dog with raw canine food is the healthiest and the best. Raw dog food contains all-natural and unprocessed ingredients. A healthy raw dog food meal usually contains 40% meat, 30% fiber, and 30% starch. Thereby, when preparing a meal for your dog, be sure to include some source of vegetables and starch in addition to the uncooked meat such as liver, beef, lamb and etc.

Types of vegetables like broccoli, carrots, and yams are all good sources of fibers and starches for your dog.

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Best Dog Food – Canines Are worthy of Wholesome Foods

Finding the right food for the pet can be a problem, but it’s definitely worthwhile.

Premium pet food will keep your canine or cat wholesome and thriving for a long time to come, and may even assist to correct some health concerns your pet may be getting.

Pet foods perform a vital role in easy labradoodle training.

If you are not sure where to look with regards to top-quality pet food choices, right here are a few ideas that will assist.

Prism is a superb brand to attempt in case your dog recently acquired pups, and you are searching for food that will adequately feed the new young dogs and also the lactating mom. The use of canine foods in easy labradoodle training is a fantastic concept.

You will find natural ingredients within the food, such as flaxseed oil, which is fantastic for the coat of dogs. Flaxseed also promotes the digestive system and is good for the heart. Brown rice and corn are also components of the ingredients, so you can be sure that this top-quality pet food will give your puppies the fiber they need to grow into healthy dogs.

Prism also has foods for kittens and grownup felines, and fish meal, beet pulp, and brown rice in the food help to give kittens much more energy, and may even help with urinary tract problems.

You may also discover premium pet food from brands like ProPac. This firm provides some of the very best meals for pet diet, and you may even be able to locate a few of these goods at nearby health food stores or grocery shops in your area in the event you do not wish to purchase them online.

Together with complete meals for cats and dogs, there are also treats you can buy for the pets, such as the Chik’N’ Strips for canines, or the Crispy Tuna and Whitefish for felines.

Taking a trip to the vet may also give you a perception when you are choosing premium pet food.

A regular checkup for the cat or dog could expose that you have to start purchasing foods without any gluten or sugar in them, and since every pet’s requirements are different, you need to talk to your vet about how to ensure modifications in your pet’s diet plan within the most effective way.

You may even need to make premium pet food yourself for some time until your dog or cat is able to deal with certain foods once more. There are many produced from scratch dog food recipes accessible online. Moreover manufacturers like Purina and Newman’s Own likewise offer organic foods for pets which you can discover at your local food market.

Using canine foods in quick labradoodle training is really a fantastic idea. could be the ideal site for you to surf as a way to know more about the use of foods in coaching the canines.

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Best Dog Food – Nine Reasons Why You Should Give Your Dog High Fiber Food

1) Dogs have shorter digestive tracts than we do so they naturally require a smaller amount of fiber in their diet. However, while pronouncing this, it is important to recollect that they do need some fiber to remain healthy.

2) High-fiber dog foods give your dog firm stools. Firm stools are healthy for dogs and for us. Cleaning up after your dog has squirted is essential but messy.

3) Helps your dog’s anal glands to express themselves naturally. All dogs have two small glands located just inside the ass and firm stools help them express these glands naturally. Otherwise, you may find your dog sitting and ‘walking ‘ while his anus is still on the ground. This is his attempt to express his anal glands when his stools aren’t firm enough.

4) Helps to cut the possibility of your dog getting anal gland disease. If your dog regularly is afflicted with his anal glands being blocked, he’s going to be prone to infection.

5) High fiber can help your dog overcome its weight problem. Or, if he doesn’t have a weight problem, he’ll be less sure to get one. Just like humans, high-fiber canine food will make your pet feel ‘fuller after a meal. Fiber for dogs doesn’t have many calories, if at all, so will not add to his weight.

6) Helps to cut your dog’s hard stools. Fiber is more cumbersome by its very nature. Because of this additional bulk, your dog’s viscera will be stimulated to a much bigger degree. This is going to help alleviate his constipation.

7) Helps reduce your dog’s butt rot. High fiber also has the effect of absorbing the water in your dog’s feces, so reducing watery stools.

8) High-fiber dog food can help prevent your dog from getting diabetes, as it helps with your dog’s blood sugar control. Some high-fiber canine food may help to slow down the sugar intake in the colon.

9) It’s beneficial for your dog’s colon health as being bulky; it removes any lingering feces that could be partially blocking the passageway.

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All Dog Foods Are Not The Same

best dog foodYour dog’s health and wellbeing are important to you and your family.

Not to mention keeping down the cost of veterinarian bills!

So you need to carefully consider the food that you give your dog.

People sometimes just pick the first dog food bag they see at the store.

It’s easy to overlook the importance of canine food but it is essential to pick the right one for your dog.

To keep your dog healthy he needs plenty of fresh water and should be fed good quality dog food in amounts just right to meet his energy requirements. Always follow the guidelines on the canine food package for recommended feeding amounts.

Picking a dog food

The first challenge in choosing a canine food is picking one that has overall quality. The term that comes up a lot about dog food is human grade. Human grade implies that canine food is good enough for us to eat. Many commercial dog foods are made from materials unusable or less desirable for human consumption. Often the meat that is used in canine food is of a quality considered unfit for humans to eat.

Major dog food companies try to provide balanced proportions of vitamins and minerals for maximum benefit to your dog. Although you may see that many brands of canine food have almost identical labels, a reputable dog food company will provide an explanation for each supplement and how it benefits your dog.

Always read the label to see what proteins, vitamins, and minerals are being provided to your dog. Try not to use store-brand dog food they may short-change your dog on much-needed nutrition.

Studies have shown that the primary ingredient in dog food should be meat-based protein, not cornmeal, flour, or corn gluten meal. According to reviews a better quality canine food results in a healthier coat, fewer digestive problems, and firmer stools. Pet-nutrition experts agree that the best dog food is made from human-grade ingredients like meat, whole grains, and vegetables. Premium canine food is so important because good nutrition is essential for a long, healthy life.

Types of dog food

There are many varieties of dog food to choose from. The three most popular types of dog foods are dry, semi-moist, and canned products. Check the color of your dog food. Usually, dog food made from natural ingredients will have soft earth tones and contain no preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors.

Raw dog food is becoming more popular. More and more veterinarians recommend feeding your dog with raw dog food. They feel that this is the best choice and is the healthiest food for your dog. After all, you’ve never seen your dog enjoy commercial canine food the way he enjoys a good meaty bone.

Raw food advocates concede the diet costs more than traditional dog food, but they argue it’s worth it. You may find that locating free natural homemade canine food recipes is not easy. Try making a mixture of ground turkey, rice, and carrot as your own dog food. Your dog will thank you for it.

If you decide to go the commercial route, try and choose a good premium canine food since it contains more energy and protein than an economy brand. Unfortunately not all dog food brands contain high-quality and natural ingredients, so always check the label. It is best if you seek advice from your veterinarian before deciding on which canine food to feed your dog or puppy. He will know your dog’s dietary needs and you will find that veterinary offices and feed stores often carry excellent and natural dog food.

All Natural Canine Food

Many natural dog foods contain only fresh, natural, and wholesome ingredients for your dog. Not only are the protein ingredients digestible, but the carbohydrates in the canine food are digestible. Natural dog food has 100% nutritional value which is important for healthy strong dogs. Chicken, egg, and fish are examples of protein that is provided in natural canine food.

There are also ingredients in natural dog food that really help the health of your dog’s skin and also your dog’s coat. One of the main drawbacks of natural canine food is that it has a shorter shelf life and may spoil before it is used.

Dried Dog Food

A good high-quality dry canine food will work out to be more economical than the generic brands even though they cost more per pound. A vast majority of dog owners go for dry canine food for its convenience and ease of storage. The cheaper dry dog foods are made from soybean, corn or rice, while many premium dry dog foods are made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients.

Vegetarian dog foods

There are canine foods specially formulated for dogs that are allergic to wheat, corn, and/or chicken. There are also vegetarian dog foods marketed to owners who do not want their dogs to consume meat products. Most vegetarian dog foods use soy as a protein source. If your dog has allergies consult your vet before putting him on a specialized diet.


Overall it’s usually best to let dogs enjoy canine food and not our food, even though they may prefer what we’re eating! Of course, you can feed your dog treats from time to time, every dog needs some TLC from time to time!

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Nutritional Content Of Commercial Dog Foods

Did you know that most food that is fed to dogs today has extremely low nutritional content? If you feed your dog commercial canine food, you may be slowly killing your dog. Perhaps you think this is a little dramatic? Think again. If humans are fed a diet of unhealthy foods, they probably won’t show any adverse signs for quite some time. But fed over many years, people will become sluggish, sick, and eventually die from degenerative diseases much earlier than they would otherwise pass from this life.

The same goes for dogs.

All commercial canine food that is extruded (cooked) at very high temperatures cannot be anything but bad for our dogs, whose natural diet in the wild is mainly fresh, raw meat. Even after dogs became domesticated, and then kept as pets, for decades they were fed home-cooked food and table scraps, before anyone thought of commercializing canine food and selling cans of mush, or pieces of highly questionable biscuit-looking food called “kibble”.

Dogs used to live longer than they do now.

Examine baked and kibbled foods for the presence of burned spots on the biscuits. The presence of large numbers of burned biscuits indicates that the food has been cooked at such high temperatures that the nutrients are likely to be almost non-existent.

On the other hand, if dry products are damp, soft, or stale, it means that they have been improperly processed, become damp in transit, become damp during storage, or that they are old.

Dry products that become damp quickly deteriorate from the action of mold and eventually bacteria. Sometimes the only indication that mold is beginning to attack a dry food is the musty odor smelled when a bag is opened. At other times it may be seen as a white, hairy beard or a bluish-green or black velvety coating over the food. Any food found to be moldy should be destroyed immediately and never fed to dogs.

Does any of this sound like food you would eat yourself???

If not, then even though it’s labeled as “canine food” and could possibly have some form of nutritional content (if you’re lucky), why feed such substandard rubbish to your dog? It really can be harmful over the long term. Why else do you think so many dogs suffer from degenerative diseases like heart disease, cancer, kidney failure, and more?

These diseases were previously unknown in companion animals. Now they’re commonplace. And the increase in the incidence of these degenerative diseases in dogs and other animals has occurred in direct proportion to the practice of giving pets raw food or table scraps, to giving them commercial pet food.

The answer?

Feed your dog a raw, or primarily raw, fresh food diet. A large part of the food should, of course, be meat. If you’re not a fan of raw food, then by all means give your dog home-cooked food, made from premium ingredients which you would use for your own food. Of course, you can give your dog all the fat and offcuts from the meat that you don’t want. Dogs need some fat (unlike us!)

And if you really need the convenience of pre-prepared dog food, then go for top-quality canine food – NOT one of the commercial brands found on your supermarket, or even pet store shelves. Even many vets have no idea about correct animal nutrition, believe it or not, and promote commercial dog foods that are peddled to them as “premium” food when they’re nothing of the kind.

How do you know what superior quality canine food is? Check for both the ingredients and the method of cooking. The ingredients should be primarily meat – not meat byproducts, a small proportion only of grains of all types, and preferably some fresh vegetables, fruit, or herbs. As for the cooking method – the lower the heat, the better.

Don’t go for anything that has been extruded (which is most kibble), or canned at high temperatures. If the method of cooking is not stated, then make further inquiries of the manufacturer, or go for one that does state the cooking method – freeze-dried or baked are acceptable.

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