Dog Obedience Training 101 – Learn The Easy Way to an Obedient Dog by Conquering His Mind!

Dog Obedience Training

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Dog Obedience Training: Become the Pack Leader!

If you want to master dog obedience training you have first to answer only this:

How can I become the pack leader?

Of all the questions that people ask this is the big one! It’s by far the most important question of how to convince your dog that you are the person in charge.

Think of the pack leader as the decision-maker:

  • where you should go on the walk
  • how to behave in different situations
  • how to respond to all the strange things that are out there

When you understand how dogs packs work you soon realize the importance, that the pack leader making all the decisions.

If you leave it up to your dog then there is a big chance that your dog is going to get something’s very wrong and make a mistake!

In order to understand how to become the pack leader you must first recognize that the following means nothing to a dog:

  • what car do you drive
  • the size of your house
  • the money you earn
  • the fact that you speak languages!

Your dog would happily swap all of that for a nice snack! Asking your dog to sit before her dinner falls a long way short of what you need to be achieving to become the pack leader and walking through doorways is only necessary when your dog is on the lead.

Lastly – dominating your dog is certainly not the way to become the pack leader in fact this can back fire badly on you later on if you teach your dog that physical strength is what it is all about.

Whilst you may force your dog into submission it will not be convincing your dog’s mind that you are worthy of the position and that you should become the pack leader only that you are a bit of a bully.

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So how do you become the pack leader? All dogs worldwide, regardless of breed use the same ways to check to establish the pack leader.

The best way to learn about how to put it into practice is to watch it being done on video as I have done through one of the video-based websites. The important areas to take control of are the following:

Become the Pack Leader to Get Dog Obedience!

The pack leader will be in total calm control when your dog barks and alerts you to danger. This includes anything that your dog may perceive as dangerous and barks at in and around the property.

On the walk, your dog should not pull you at a single stage, even the beginning! You can really learn to walk your dog properly only through video as I have found out!

If you are the pack leader then your dog should be able to relax and switch off completely inside the house.

If your dog is always switched on most of the time and can’t relax then that is your dog on pack leader duty!

Getting your dog to switch off is directly connected to how you meet and greet your dog after your return home. You need to watch it on video it is so subtle but it is the difference between being the pack leader or the follower.

Lastly, feeding your dog correctly will establish who is the pack leader and there is much more to it than asking your dog to sit! Also if you have a dog that is “not food motivated” then you may be in for a surprise!

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What Does Dog Obedience Training Really Mean?

For most people, dog obedience training is a difficult process. Well, it could be if you don’t know the proper way to do it. Take note that it can also be stressful on the part of your dog and therefore the speed of his learning process will totally depend on how you execute the training.

Dog Obedience Training Defined

The art of dog training

The human-dog relationship is something that needs to be enhanced.

You should have a healthy relationship in the household so that both of you will feel secure.

This training covers a lot of techniques and among them are positive reinforcement, clicker training, dog whispering, collar and leash, marker training, reward training, and a lot of others.

Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a professional, the main goals should be achieved.

The main goals that have to be attained during the training include a clear line of communication between you and your pet, strengthening your ties, and spending more quality time with each other.

Most behavioral problems such as digging, chewing, excessive barking, jumping up, and many others are likewise resolved through proper training.

The training itself is composed of boundaries or rules which aim to educate your dog to become a responsible member of your household and be in control of his behavior.

Basically, he will not be solely confined at home. There will be times when he will be taken out for a walk and it will not help if he will be unruly.

Like human beings, dogs should be taught good manners. He should know how to properly behave in certain situations, at any given place, and at any given time.

The Benefits of Dog Obedience Training

Training the dog to be obedient is one prime way to enjoy the company of your dog and one that will surely benefit you in the years to come. Here are a couple of advantages that you will definitely be happy about.

The training will make life simple for your dog. It means his confusion will be eliminated and he will be more aware of his good and bad behavior.

It is a rewarding experience. During the training, your dog will have fun learning. If you will do it by yourself, it is likewise your best chance to spend quality time with him.

A trained dog is a confident and happy dog. He is then a pleasurable creature to have around.

The dog will have more freedom. A trained dog can be left alone unsupervised because you are confident he will not be causing a nuisance in your place.

A dog that has gone through obedience training is safer. He will not threaten other people and animals around him.

You will be able to respect your dog just like a true family member and companion.

Overall, the dog obedience training process may take time and it requires you to be really patient at all times. So always be consistent and don’t fall short of rewards and praises as well as punishments whenever necessary.

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Dog Obedience Training: Being the Boss

Dog Obedience Training 101 - Learn The Easy Way to an Obedient Dog by Conquering His Mind! 1Dogs are instinctual pack animals.

This means they need an alpha to lead them in their everyday lives, and this also means the owner must act alpha.

The dog should consider you as the boss for the training to proceed smoothly.

Individual dogs vary in submissiveness, and to establish and maintain dominance over your dog, there are a number of exercises you can establish.

Do not worry; most dogs are happy to be submissive. Just be sure to show approval at the occasional signs of submission, and assert dominance if it tries to test you.

There are two components of training, one that solves behavioral problems, and there is that one that creates a command-response pattern.

The latter type is called “Obedience Training”. However, both need one factor: A good Alpha.

In most cases, people misinterpret adolescent behavior as “dominance” when they are not. Comparing it to a human child testing her parents; she is trying to find out what the limits are rather than actually putting her parents in the little game called “Challenge Me” for leadership, a playful act.

Young dogs and puppies do exactly the same. This is, the trainer must correct them firmly, however, don’t go into an all-out dominating battle.

It would be very inappropriate for the dog to distrust you, which, in this case, can result in some sort of “rebellion”. For the toddler analogy, the most one can do is a sharp word or a small spank on the rear end.

Dog Obedience Training: Become the Pack Leader!You would not pick the child up, and hold her against the wall, then scream at her for the misdeed.

Most dogs are still young until they are 2 or 3 years old (in human terms, they are still in the angst, teenage years).

In Layman’s terms, do not confuse physical maturity with mental maturity.

As for punishments are concerned, never mistake it with being alpha.

An alpha is fair, according to Cindy Moore, author of Behavior: Modifying and Understanding. An alpha leader is fair and deserves his position.

He/She does not use fear, punishment, or brute force to achieve, and maintain its position. Instead, it makes it clear what behavior approves of and which it does not.

An alpha leader expects its subordinates to follow its lead; it does not force them to do whatever it is. Meaning, the owner or trainer, in order for it to be a good leader, should be calm, focused, and rational.

Just like any other training, praising your pet boosts a lot of good egos. Always show approval at signs of submission. This helps strengthen your place as the ultimate alpha. Praise your dog when it drops its eyes first.

Praise it when he licks your chin. Give it an enthusiastic tummy rub, when it rolls over in its back –as to how Cindy placed it. It might sound corny, but it is corny because it works. Life is simple; you just need a bit of loving.

But to be an alpha at your best is to be consistent, and fair in your corrections. One must demonstrate to your pet that it can trust your orders. Do not correct your dog after the fact; such corrections to be arbitrary and unfair to the dog, since it has no associative memory the way people do.

Socializing with your puppy is a good way to gain its trust.

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Toys and Playtime for Dog Obedience Training

When you see an interesting dog toy for sale, it’s tempting to bring it home for your pet. But how many toys does your dog really need?

It is not a dilemma for your dog to have an assortment of toys, but not all of them need to be out at once. For most dogs, two or three toys at a time are perfect. By rotating two or three toys at a time out of your dog’s selection of toys, your pet will usually have something different to play with and will be less likely to be bored playing with the exact same old toys.

The issue you want to steer clear of with toys is letting your dog have too much control over your playtime together. Playing with your dog is really a wonderful way for you and your dog to have fun together, but it really should constantly be clear that you might be in charge.

If your dog brings a ball over to you, drops at it at your feet, and looks up at you expectantly, and you then pick up the ball and begin playing with your dog, then you might be letting your dog initiate playtime, and you’re following his lead. This is alright every once in a while, but if it becomes a regular occurrence, then your dog will start to feel that he is in control.

So, does this mean that you must never play with your dog and never let him have any fun? not! Playtime is great if you’re the to initiate it. If your dog has a favorite toy, don’t leave it out all of the time; save it as a special treat for whenever you play together. Your dog will take pleasure in playing with you a lot more!

Atlanta Dog Training has more than 20 years of dog obedience expertise. The trainers only use the gentlest strategies best suited for you and your canine, puppies as young as 8 weeks can be enrolled into a personalized dog training plan. Atlanta Dog training is highly recommended by quite a few dog owners, as well as over 1000 Veterinarians.

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More Tips for Dog Obedience Training

If you keep a dog either for sporting, competing, or simply for leisure, you probably know how significant it is to have him go through dog obedience training. A pet dog that is well behaved is always pleasurable to take along because he is less likely to go wild and cause trouble to other people.

You surely don’t want to tag along with a dog that barks at everyone and run around, therefore, scaring away the crowd. If good manners are very important in your home, the same things should also be taught to your pet.

Sure enough, keeping dogs at home should provide your loved ones with enough security and not that they will cause harm on anyone.

You will not also like it when your neighbors complain that your pet has ransacked their properties or worse, have bitten someone in the area.

Therefore, the more that you should pay attention to having your dog trained properly. Are you planning to train your dog by yourself? Here are the steps that you need to take note of in dog obedience training. But remember; don’t ever move to the next step when your pet has not yet mastered the previous one!

The difficulty of the commands starts from the basics to the most advanced. For starters, teach your pet the easiest instructions first. These are “sit”, “stand”, “stop”, “come”, and the likes. Be sure that he is able to learn all of these before starting with a new set. Always use these commands so he will be able to remember them.

Keep in mind your dog’s genetic makeup. Some breeds have their specializations so you must concentrate on harnessing their skills and capabilities.

Take note of the duration of time when teaching a new command. Don’t bombard your dog with several commands all at the same time. Also, make sure that you use the praise or reward and punishment method. Your voice should likewise sound positive when giving praises and be unyielding when there is a need to reprimand him.

Ensure that your dog is physically comfortable as the training exercises are performed. Dogs get tired easily so don’t strain them that much.

Execute the dog obedience training sessions in a distraction-free area. As the response turns positive, gradually add more distractions like bouncing balls, doing the jumping jack, running around, throwing treats to him, and many others. But don’t overdo the use of distractions as they may frighten your pet.

Practice giving commands on a variety of surfaces. Some of these include the cement sidewalks, on the sand, on dirt, on the grass-covered lawns, on a chair or table, low wall, logs, and many others.

Give commands while you are walking down the street, while you are in the pet supply outlet, or wherever you may be with your dog.

There is actually no best time of the day to administer the dog obedience training sessions. What matters is that both you and your dog should be up to it, in the mood, and in good physical condition.

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Dog Obedience Training – 3 Methods to Deal With Problems

No pet is, and each and every dog makes mistakes from time to time. When behavior problems arise, you will find methods you can respond.

Just like individuals, no pet is perfect. Each dog owner encounters behavior difficulties from time to time. Whether the dilemma continues depends largely on your reaction. When behavior troubles arise, you will discover essentially three ways you are able to respond:

Ignore the issue. This is essentially giving up. This is when you believe, “My dog is often going to bark at strangers. That’s just how she is, and there’s nothing I can do about it.” Ignoring the difficulty won’t solve anything, but plenty of people do it anyway.

Manage the situation. This is simply avoiding an issue. As an example, in case you put the trash where the dog can’t get to it, as opposed to teaching the dog to stay out of the trash, you’re managing the scenario. This is usually easier to do than training the dog and, at times, could even be the most effective response.

Correct the behavior. This approach trains the dog to not exhibit whatever behavior was creating the problem in the first place. Correcting the behavior usually takes a lot more time and trouble than avoidance, but it’s the most successful way to prevent the difficulty from repeating.

In the long run, the key to dealing with behavior troubles would be to not give up on your dog. With the right approach, even challenging dogs could be trained to overcome their obedience problems.

You may possibly wish to contact a professional dog trainer to assist you. Together you and your dog trainer can turn your dog’s behavior around and have a well-behaved canine. Once the rules of the house are clearly established, both you and your dog will likely be happier!

GA Dog Training has over twenty years of canine training expertise. The trainers only use the gentlest strategies appropriate for you and your canine, puppies as young as eight weeks can be signed up into a personalized dog training program. Atlanta Dog training is suggested by many Veterinarians and over one thousand dog owners.

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Dog Behavior Problems and Dog Training: Acting On Your Love

People love their dogs. To many, their best friend is a beloved member of the family. But what happens when behavioral problems aren’t taken care of?

It’s a very common problem. The tragic part of behavioral problems going unresolved can be wonderful pets given up for adoption after being used to their family. Meanwhile, we don’t even want to think about what could happen to Fido if he is reintroduced to a shelter, especially when older.

K9 Control has created a strong reputation for professional dog training in New York City and is especially aware of how critical these issues can become, and proactively works with dog owners to solve behavioral problems quickly and efficiently.

As New York City dog trainers, their very successful approach to obedience and behavioral problems includes state-of-the-art systems that encourage better communication between people and their beloved pets. By utilizing the very latest in positive re-enforcement techniques, K9 Control are Long Island obedience trainers who relieve stress and frustration for both the dog and owner.

Their expertise carries over to the training of Nassau and Suffolk County protection dogs, with a primary goal is to promote an enhanced relationship. This results in an ideal relationship structure that includes teamwork, companionship, and harmony.

All of their dog trainers have completed a lengthy and intensive instruction certification program under the direct guidance of K9 Control’s master trainers.

These trainers are rigorously trained and tested and some are proven competitors in the local and national competition. All of our trainers have extensive hands-on experience in the pet training industry.

Their trainers undergo continuous education in order to stay abreast of the latest cutting-edge techniques and progressions in the field.

Training your dog to be obedient can be a challenging process. All you want him to do is listen when you call him and do as he is told, so can that really be that complicated?

Dog training and dog obedience isn’t as easy a process as you might think, which is why professionals like K9 Control are a welcome addition to the picture.

Obedience training teaches your dog to behave well and has many benefits, for the dogs and their human companions alike. Obedience Dog training is critical in order to prevent such negative behaviors as aggression, biting, digging holes in the yard, and urinating in the house and these are some reasons owner turns their dogs into the pound.

There is help for those owners and dogs to live a happy, long life together. Obedience dog training is the way to teach your dog all the right things you want him to do. And it is easier than you may think.

Earning your beloved pet’s respect is the first crucial step in effective New York City and Long Island obedience and dog training, and it will lay the groundwork for all succeeding training.

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Find Expert Dog Trainers – Dog Behavior Problems and Dog Training

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