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Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer is a much-frequented dog training website.

Dan exclusively concentrates on dogs, teaching you all sorts of animal conditioning to train your dog on how to behave.

This site has been around for years and has thousands of happy customers.

In this article, I will review the website from my point of view and give all the recommendations where necessary.

1. Introduction to The Online Dog Trainer

Dan is a professional online dog trainer and the author of the Onlinedogtrainer website. He has over 250 videos dedicated to eliminating almost all dog-related behavioral problems, fast and effectively.

Some videos are free: click here to watch them right now.

The website is divided into three sections:

  1. The general website

  2. The Podcasts

  3. The blog section

The sections are a little bit different but all communicate the same message. For example, while the website is concentrating on the courses and the videos, the Podcast concentrates on the written form and complementing whatever is on the courses.

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2. The Online Dog Trainer Courses

The Online Dog TrainerThe website has different sections when it comes to training.

Ideally, the website is divided into 6 sections according to which course you are taking.

The monthly fee for taking a course is $37.

You can, however, get a 3-day course for just $1 to see if you really need the courses.

All these courses come with PDF documents to read and Videos for the visual learners.

On paying the monthly fee, you get a bonus of three additional sections.

These are:

  • Download library: Here, you get additional information on training such as “the 9 vocal commands” as well as free downloads on other materials. Only premium subscribers get this.

  • New videos: Every week there are new videos being uploaded and being a subscriber, you get access to these before anyone else.

  • Premium forum access: You get the chance to post your videos as well as sharing new problems and solutions to other members. Also, the get direct access to Daniel for questions and recommendations.

The monthly subscription while seemingly costly is actually cheaper than some of the online dog training websites.

Also, you get to have access to Videos showing real-time dog training as it happens in the field (so far it is the only website to show this).

With this, you can at least anticipate some behaviors as you train your dog.

If this doesn’t work, there is a refund 60-day policy with a 100% refund rate. you can also cancel the monthly subscription whenever you want if the course is ineffective.

To add here, the programs are SPCA (the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) endorsed which means that they have been evaluated and proven successful.

SPCA is the New Zealand organization taking care of the injured, sick and abandoned animals. Click Here to Get Free Access to the Videos

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3. Daniel Abdelnoor’s Programs

The Online Dog Trainer ReviewAs I mentioned above Dan is a professional dog trainer. What you don’t know is that he is one of the leading Dog Trainers, animal activists, and media personalities in Auckland in New Zealand. By this definition alone, you see that the guy is accomplished in his field.

His website, the Online dog trainer, is one of the few websites that show real-time Videos of dog training while in the field. This not only gives credibility to the program but also the courses you take in the website.

His programs are gentle but effective. He does not use any force, fear or props while training. What this means is simple.

Forget about the sprays or the heavy-duty equipment and concentrate on becoming a leader than a cruel master.

Being an animal activist makes him train the dogs from a kind perspective which is far more effective than using force and cruelty.

However, it does not mean that the dogs do not get a timeout when they cross lines, this they do as some behaviors need to be eliminated, every dog has some.

This kind of training is what has earned him the NZ SPCA seal of approval with their official site promoting his programs due to its high efficiency rates.

Dan has divided his courses into the following items:

  • Pack Leader

  • Puppy Training

  • Project Moses

  • Dog Problem

  • Dog Training

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4. Become the Pack Leader!

The Online Dog Trainer ReviewDan suggests that becoming a pack leader is what makes your dog obey you.

He reasons that as a wolf pack has an alpha, you should also be the alpha of your home.

This means eating food before your dog, taking away food if your dog does not eat immediately after you lay down its food.

This makes your dog dependable on you and will always do what you like to gain your attention.

Although it has proven to be successful in some cases, there are other scientific ways to reinforce positive behavior than being cold to your dog.

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5. Puppy training as Never Seen on TV!?

This course solely concentrates on training your puppy to be a great dog. There are numerous videos here are a range of subjects covered, these are:

  • Introduction
  • Health issues
  • Mouthing and biting
  • Forming behaviors
  • Toilet training

In this course, you will learn how to teach your dog to walk without a leash and how to tame some behaviors such as jumping, chewing, stealing, and irritating barking.

Click Here to Get Free Access to 200+ Dog Training Videos

Here’s a great sample video about puppy training:

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6. Growing a Better Dog: the Project Moses

The Online Dog Trainer Review - The #1 Dog Training Course Hands Down! (Get Free Dog Training Videos!) 1

In this course, you will see how to train a dog from age of 8 weeks and above.

Project Moses is a documentation for a dog named Moses going through training from 8 weeks to one year.

This project documents almost all issues faced by dogs while growing up.

It is a great source of information for dog training all combined into one. 

Click Here to Get Free Access to the Dog Training Videos

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7. Common Dog Problems

This section focuses on the many problems faced by dogs. The Online Dog Trainer offers over 250 videos each trying to explain the origin of a problem and its solution.

There are also many PDF documents that you can follow but I suggest you watch the videos first as they are easy and fast to understand. Some of the dog problems mentioned are:

  • Uncontrolled and irritating barking

  • Excitement issues

  • Name calling and recalling

  • Separation issues

  • Eating poop

  • Aggression issues

  • Digging issues

  • Stealing and runaways

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8. The Dog Training Section

This section is concerned with basic dog training and the common issues raised by the clients. A good place to start this is visiting the podcast first.

Dan separates dog training into two categories, dogs before 8 months and dogs older than 8 months. Each of these has different approaches to training but the end goal is the same.

Here’s another insightful video from The Online Dog Trainer website:

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9. Review of calming dog’s excitement

The Online Dog Trainer ReviewDogs can sometimes be stubborn and very excited full of emotions which might make them not listen to your orders and commands.

This can be stressful especially if you are walking your dog down the street, when he meets another dog or even when guests come calling at your house.

This rude behavior can leave your guests with scars, bites or even scare them of visiting your house again.

The good news is that The Online Dog Trainer offers a course in calming down your dog and making him listen to your commands.

Here is the full review of the course:

The course starts off by mentioning the common causes of the dog become unruly. This is based on the evolution of the dogs, the flight and fight responses.

The course goes ahead to mention how some chemicals affect your dog and how to drain some of the energy off. Having previous knowledge of being a pack leader helps a lot in this course.

This course is divided into:

  • Draining your dog’s energy

  • Leash training.

  • Overwriting old habits with new ones

This course is easy but requires subtle controls and adjustment. Dan uses science facts here to explain you through the course as well as other recommended tactics if the standard ones fail.

What is better is that there is a video that will walk you step by step until you get through.

Also, you can download other training material related to this while taking the course. I find this course to be easy to follow through and simple to implement.

However, mentioning that it requires you to first go through another course is entirely off-putting to newcomers.

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10. Pros of The Online Dog Trainer Website

There is no shortage of advantages for the online dog trainer. The following are but the most prominent:

  • The site has the New Zealand SPCA approval seal. The SPCA concentrates on rehabilitating rescued animals. Their seal of approval means that they trust Dan’s methods. In fact, they promote his videos on their website.

  • Gentle dog training. The courses on the online dog trainer as psychological without the use of heavy equipment and force. The only investment you will make is viewing the videos and a dog leash.

  • A wealth of information. The site has over 250 videos of dog training. Also, there is a forum where most clients share their experiences and thoughts about the training. You can also contact Dan using this forum in case of any problem incurred when training your dog.

  • On field videos. The videos in this site are on the field showing the responses from the dogs upon training. This gives you an idea of what to expect when you start training your dog.

  • Ease of use. The website is very easy to navigate without many headaches. Courses are clearly labeled and divided based on your dog’s age.

  • Cheap. There is a $1 3 days’ trial period. If you don’t want to pay the full $37 monthly package, why not take the $1 trial and cancel after 3 days?

  • 100% money back guarantee. If the subscribe for the monthly package and find the course unsatisfactory, you have the option to cancel the subscription within 60 days and get back your money.

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11. Cons of The Online Dog Trainer Website

  1. No hard copies. The course on dog training is purely online and so far there are no hard copies of the course. Dan, however, says that he is working on a book that will be released soon by Random House publishers.
  2. Can be costly. Those who wish to see Daniel on face to face for personal training have the option to pay $500 for a three hours’ session. This option is limited to people living in Auckland alone.
  3. Subscription fee. You need to subscribe for at least one month to take advantage of all the resources available on the website. The $1 trial limits your training session to only a small number of problems.

The Online Dog Trainer ReviewThe training on pack leaders solely relies on the evolution part of wolves.

Although it works on a lot of dogs, it feels unattached and objectifies the pets.

For example, training your dog to only eat after you and taking their food if they don’t start eating after 1 second after you give them food feels uncomfortable.

Also, giving your dog time-out with no attention after they have done wrong feels more human than animal.

Dogs are not rational and cannot reason what they did wrong. There is another scientific way of encouraging good behavior. 

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12. Conclusions

The Online Dog Trainer ReviewThe online dog trainer is a rare gem.

With over 250 videos of any topic on dog issues, there is a lot that you can learn and make your pet your best friend (that you can control of course).

Besides having a high success rate on dog training without the use of force and equipment, it has the rare seal of approval from SPCA.

I would advise anyone with a dog to at least use the $1 – 3 days trial to rip the benefits for both you and your dog.

From my perspective, Dan has done a great job and earns my approval.

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