Training a Golden Retriever

Training a Golden Retriever In a Big Way: Get Off On the Right Foot With your Puppy (2 Articles)

Training a Golden Retriever

Training a golden retriever can be easy and difficult at the same time. As it is a very docile and intelligent dog, people often demand too much from their pet, even things that are out of their reach.

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Here, then, is a series of tips to help you get the most out of training your Golden Retriever:

How to Best Train a Golden Retriever

Although there are plenty of tips on how to train a Golden Retriever, training them to chew is perhaps the most obvious.

Golden puppies love to chew and will chew anything they can find… although chew toys are fine, there are other ways to help ease the pain of tooth growth. A simple way to start is to take an old sock and fill it with ice cubes. Then 9 the sock and put it in the fridge with the cubes inside the freezer.

An interesting solution is to keep several socks with ice in your fridge if you like so the puppy will always have a toy to chew on.
The important thing to remember is never to leave your little Golden alone with a sock full of ice.

Leash Training a Golden Retriever

Putting your dog on a leash straight away and dragging it in the direction you want is the wrong method.

You must first get your pet used to the collar and leash. in this case, the method to use is quite simple just leave it free in the house or outside inside a fence, where I move it can run around freely with the leash and collar on.

When some time has elapsed you will begin to call him and make him come to you. when he arrives starts to praise him so he understands that he has done the right thing. You must be very patient with leash training as it will take a long time for your dog to learn well.

If you remember to always let go of him when he is doing the right thing, you will have absolutely no trouble getting perfect leash training.

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Digging holes around

The activity of digging is part of the deeper nature of a Golden Retriever. However, it can be an uncomfortable thing if you don’t give him a place where he can do it on his own because he will run out of holes in your garden if kept indoors and also he will write to try and dig everywhere on the floor on the sofa in the bed it is just part of their nature and you don’t have to groom a golden for it

If you don’t have an area in the garden that you can give your pet for his digging activity, get something that is a surrogate such as a box full of soil or something else where he can enjoy digging.

When your Golden is older you can also think about teaching him to control his instincts and avoid digging everywhere. It can be nice and fun to test your dog’s discovering skills by burying some toy or something interesting in the ground or in a box full of soil.

House Training a Golden Retriever

To properly housebreaking a Golden Retriever at home you need to devise a daily routine. For the cage, in particular, you have to control that the pet doesn’t spend too much time outside the cage during the training. If the puppy has an accident while outside the cage, it will simply be your fault!

These are very intelligent dogs but they still need their own time to learn how to do various things. If you get off on the right foot you will have a fantastic family member who will be an integral part of your group.

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Golden Retriever Puppy

What Are the Various Aspects of Training a Golden Retriever?

When it comes to the training of a Golden Retriever there are various aspects to consider. we list below those that specifically concern the golden retriever breed:

Behavior training

With this type of training, you will generally try to teach the Golden retriever to be a good dog. for example you will teach the animal to live in the house, to behave in an acceptable manner with people and other animals, to get used to the leash and other things that will make it a good companion.

Activity training

In this case, it is necessary to teach the Golden Retriever various activities such as hunting, being in a group, trying to find, and other tasks that you can do together with him. This is very useful to strengthen the friendship and the relationship with the animal because you work on concrete activities together.

You have to keep in mind that this dog was really raised for important activities in hunting and other areas.

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Obedience training

With this training, the dog is taught to obey precise vocal or hand commands. The animal learns to understand the orders given to it, especially if it does something wrong, such as chewing things, barking for no reason, jumping on people, and so on. There are specific classes for teaching dogs these commands.

You have to remember that among the various forms of training of the Golden retriever there are important differences. For example in obedience training sessions will be the dog in this case the dog will be left alone and won’t get any help with his behavior.

This kind of training is useful if you have problems controlling your dog so start with this popular training class.

Training a Golden Retriever – Understanding What Behavior He Doesn’t Know

The most important thing is to understand, before entrusting your dog to a trainer, what is the area in which he needs help.
Sometimes there are behaviors that the dog keeps only because he is bored and not because he doesn’t know how to behave in a correct way, so spending some time with him can be enough to solve this problem.

In other cases, however, the Golden needs help to learn how to behave correctly because, although it is very intelligent, it does not understand where it is going wrong.

When you take him to the training class, you have to be very patient with the Golden Retriever, praise him, and tell him that he is doing the right thing.

Even as he gets older, the Golden retains in his memory almost everything he learned when he was young. In the case of small forgetfulness, a small course of repetition is enough to make him remember the correct behavior that he may have forgotten.

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