Top Dog Training 101: Learn How to Make Your Dog a Happy Dog

top dog training

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Top Dog Training 101: Learn How to Make Your Dog a Happy Dog 1

Learn about the value of top dog training for your pet’s happiness on this page, along with other crucial pet care advice like playing, grooming, and selecting the best cage.

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Why Top Dog Training May Be the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Pet

well-trained dog will not only make you happier, but it may also make your dog happier for the rest of its life.

Nearly all dogs enjoy being trained

The majority of dogs love listening and are pleased of their newfound knowledge and abilities. Dogs that aren’t taught rarely have as joyful of lives and are far less fascinating. Many dogs, especially the more clever ones, find security in obedience and discipline.

Any attentive dog owner can observe for themselves that their dog experiences greater satisfaction when receiving praise for following instructions or engaging in positive behavior than when disobeying, which is typically followed by obvious guilt feelings (retracted ears and avoidance of eye contact). This is true even when the dog is not being punished.

Each Dog Has a Unique Personality

Just as dogs differ in their trainability, so do owners’ training skills. Some people are naturally skilled at training animals and can produce impressive outcomes with little effort. Yet even the best dog trainers don’t always have the same level of success with every type of dog.  The training techniques that are really beneficial with one breed of dog may be completely useless with another.
While training dog, it appears that basic mental affinity and perhaps certain personality type are required. All effective trainers exhibit power, tolerance, and self-control. The unnameable “x” attribute that distinguishes the brilliant is likely fusion of love and respect.
Recent years have seen a significant systematization of dog training methods, making it possible for even the least talented owner  to get passable outcomes with perseverance, patience, and knowledge. Contrary to popular belief, dogs are significantly more intelligent than most people realize. They are capable of learning, and they do, but we must be patient and allow them time.

The Need for Basic Obedience Training

Basic obedience training should be offered to all pet dogs on a regular basis rather than only when they start acting out. Just like us, dogs today live in a world that moves considerably more quickly.

They can “stray” or disobey even though we are accompanying them when they are out in public. While poor breeding, an unfavorable environment, or a poor upbringing cannot entirely be made up for by training, it can unquestionably help. They will learn how to misbehave from the outside world, but it is our responsibility as pet parents to teach them proper behavior.

Except in the case of purebred show dogs, which must perform or be on display, specialized training is not required. This level of training and behavior calls for a great deal more effort and time, as well as typically higher aptitude on the side of the dog and a great deal more patience and expertise on the part of the trainer. So-called “champion” show dogs are typically trained from when they are puppies through most of their adult lives.

A Great, Rewarding Experience for You

The fundamentals of teaching your dog how to behave and communicate with you can be incredibly satisfying. Your dog’s desire to please you because that is his primary incentive generally makes up for any shortcomings you may have in experience, tools, facilities, etc.

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Passing the Time Away With Your Dog and He Will Enjoy It Too

They don’t have the moniker “man’s best friend” by accident! You can live longer, experience less stress, and generally lead a better quality of life if you own a dog.

Being together and having a happy, healthy dog both depend on playing together. The importance of playing frequently with your pet is something pet behaviorists generally concur on. Together with fostering connection, it will help improve communication and mutual respect between you and your pet.

You can play with your dog in a variety of ways. Some games may even help your favorite pet learn a new talent or improve an existing one. All you need is a little creativity, some time, and of course, goodies are never a bad idea!

The Classic Game “Fetch!”

One of the timeless classics is ‘fetch’. This is a wonderful way to teach your dog to follow directions and play a game that does not involve too much from you. With some practice, you can even lie back in the sun and throw a ball (or any object) for your pet to return.

Teaching your pet to fetch can test the patience of even the most patient owner! If you are serious about it most dogs can learn to participate in this simple game.

The Command “Drop It!”

You will want to start off with one of your dog’s favorite toys, and a treat. Practicing the ‘drop it’ command first will help. Used together this can be a good way to teach your dog. Throw the item and when the dog brings it back to you – shower him with praise. He will get the idea after a while.

NOTE: It’s best to try these things in small sessions. Fifteen minutes a day of practicing the ‘fetch’ command and your dog should be able to get it right.

Other Ways to Play with Your Dog

There are other activities you may do with your dog that won’t be as aggravating as playing fetch.

Your pet will benefit from playing games that promote tracking and object exploration. The sit command can be practiced after a treat has been hidden. The dog goes in search of the reward you’ve hid at your instruction. Encourage them to find the rewards as quickly as possible by hiding lots of treats!

Every owner enjoys playing particular games with their dogs. Some well-known games have a variety of different iterations. You and your dog will come up with a lot of unique activities to play; just be creative and keep in mind that dogs are puppies at heart and enjoy playing with people.

Dogs are sociable animals, so regularly playing games with them can bring out the best in them. Nothing makes you happier than seeing your tail wag!

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