Schutzhund Dog Training – Learn How to Keep Your Best Friend In Hand (5 Insightful Articles)

Schutzhund Dog Training

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Schutzhund Dog Training And How To Get Involved In The Sport

Schutzhund is a German dog sport that was developed in the 1900s. It stands for “protection dog” and was enacted to decide whether certain German shepherd dogs exhibit the traits that are necessary in order to become police canines.

It is an extremely challenging competition with only a handful of dogs that are able to pass. Anyone who’s interested in submitting their German shepherd should start early and practice consistent Schutzhund dog training.

The kinds of traits that are needed for a dog to succeed in the Schutzhund exam include bravery, a will to work, perseverance, and an intense protective instinct among other ones. A ton of physical strengths, such as endurance and quickness, are tested too.

This is since the animals who pass the test will end up doing police work that includes everything from scent detection to search and rescue operations.

The modern test has three phases that encompass it. Tracking, obedience, and protection all make the Schutzhund up and, to pass, dogs must breeze through all three.

They must score minimums of seventy out of a hundred points and, at any time, dogs can be dismissed if a judge feels they displayed too much fear or aggression.

As far as testing the animal’s protection abilities, a heavily padded helper hides in a certain spot. The dog, after being directed to search, must find the helper’s hiding spot and bark his or her location.

In similar exercises, the dog must react when the helper pretends to attack. To pass, the animals must display a lack of fear and a healthy enthusiasm.

The tracking phase of the test was created to test the German dog’s smelling ability and soundness. During this part, a judge will travel across a large field and place small sacks along the way.

Later the canine is asked to track the person by sniffing out all of the dropped items. Their final score is based on their interest and accuracy.

As with the other phases, obedience testing is done on a large open field as well. One canine watches from afar while another is instructed to complete a series of commands. Gunshots and other loud noises are induced to test the dog’s reaction.

Afterward, they switch places and the phase moves forward. The shepherds in this section are graded on how well they follow commands, react to loud stimuli, and accuracy.

Though there are a lot of dog breeds that demonstrate a high level of intelligence and obedience, it is the beloved German shepherd that is looked at as a king dog when it comes to loyalty and bravery.

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Officially Approved Schutzhund Dog Training Spans Generations And Geography

Schutzhund Dog

Schutzhund dog training spans generations and geography to promote the sport of training and exhibiting protection dogs, for this is what the term means in German. There are clubs around the world with members of all ages participating in this growing activity.

Although the most influential organization in the sport is German, the biggest is in the United States. The sport was begun in the early 1900s to keep the German Shepherd Dog, as a breed, true to its herding ancestry.

Herding is a demanding test of canine intelligence, protectiveness, gentleness, responsiveness to the owner, and endurance.

Breeding only for conformation was producing dogs that lacked some of the characteristics that made the German Shepherd one of the most popular dogs in the world in earlier days.

The sport is organized in three levels to test the suitability of the dog for breeding. The goal is to only breed animals who have demonstrated that they have physical, mental, and temperamental qualities that meet the highest standards.

Before a dog can even be accepted for testing, it will be evaluated for conformation, confidence, courage, and responsiveness to its handler.

If a dog possesses the necessary traits to qualify, training can begin. It is important to have a qualified instructor, who understands the requirements of the sport and the humane training methods that are used.

Joining a recognized club will give dog owners access to approved training classes and essential advice and support. Books, videos, and DVDs can be helpful to gain a basic understanding of what is involved.

Focused on German Shepherds, the clubs and competitions are open to all dogs, even those of mixed or indeterminate breed.

The dog must be strong, have a calm temperament, not be afraid or aggressive toward strange people or dogs, and be able to listen to its owner even in the most stressful situations.

Puppies can exhibit the traits of courage, intelligence, independence, and curiosity that reveal their suitability for the sport.

Even children participate in this sport, although the training is not suitable for puppies. Chi holds a target at bay, attacking only if directed to do so. Search and rescue dogs also benefit from this training, as do family pets.

Club Schutzhund dog training spans generations and geography as it works to keep the German Shepherd breed one that can do demanding jobs and still be safe and happy companions for the people who love them and depend on their abilities.

Many individuals around the world have a love for Schutzhund training.

Enthusiasm For Schutzhund Competitions Around The Planet

For some dog breeds and their owners, a simple walk around the park is not enough to stimulate their brains along with their legs. Joining the canine sports arena may be the perfect option and there is a very specific sport for those interested in perfecting their pet’s protective instincts.

There is a high passion for Schutzhund training around the world, with centers in many industrialized countries.

The aim of Schutzhund training is to develop loyalty between dog an human while building a strong protective team that works together to stop intruders and track down missing objects and people.

Dogs learn to follow every word of their person, while the human builds the ability to work with their dog’s instincts and strengths.

Invented as a sport over a hundred years ago, this form of professional training has also carried over to help train government security dogs responsible for public safety.

See actual dogs in action with our free Schutzhund training video.

The list of breeds accepted in the training program is not very long, but this is due to the extremely crucial traits needed for a Schutzhund dog to be reliable in real-life situations.

They must be bred for work, strength, determination, obedience, and desire to please their master above all else. Among some rarer breeds, the most common household pets are the German Shepherd, Boxer, Doberman, and Rottweiler.

Schutzhund as a sport encompasses three competitive categories for dogs and trainers to master. Tracking, obedience, and protection each have their own challenges and rules that are crucial for the dogs to perform what they learn in real-life situations.

Competitions test the most qualified dogs against each other to see which one possesses the most consistency and fortitude in their region.

In order to find people and objects, the dogs are taught to track a specific smell and follow it until they find the object in question, or their master tells them to stop.

During competitions, dogs must typically find three objects marked with the scent of a particular person within a field, while displaying great attentiveness to their trainer’s voice. This self-control is what makes champion Schutzhund dogs stand above the rest in their sport.

In the Protection part of the training, the dogs are taught what to do when a suspicious human threatens their territory and people. To make sure the suspect is still in one piece when authorities arrive to arrest them, the proper guard dog will leap onto the person’s arm and hold tight.

They are also taught to recognize when the attacker has surrendered, and how to back them into a corner while barking to attract attention.

There is a healthy passion for Schutzhund dog training around the world, and this expanding interest has produced more clubs in participating countries.

It is easier than ever before to join this fascinating organization, and dog owners who think their pet may be up to the challenge will enjoy researching this pastime.

The dogs are grateful to be active and please their masters, and trainers can learn the discipline needed to create a loyal protector from their best friend.

Many individuals around the world have a passion for Schutzhund dog training.

Schutzhund Dog Training: Learning About The BH Test – Aka The Companion Dog Test

Created in Germany for testing the workable traits of the German Shepherd, the BH test – aka the companion dog test has been widely accepted and used for other breeds as well.

The BH test is also a required test for Schutzhund dog training.

During the Begleithund test, many traits are looked for and marked upon in dog behavior. Are you wondering if your canine has what it takes to pass?

Those dogs that are chosen to work in policing situations should have high marks in the Begleithund companion test.

The situations a police dog can get into may require strength, agility, courage, and most of all, a deep and sincere bond with his handler.

These are some of the traits tested and marked during this companion test. Learn all the other criteria on my Schutzhund dog training blog.

Most young dogs have amazing agility. This fact goes without saying. However, being able to contain that agility and to use it when a handler needs it is one of the traits tested for in this type of test.

Handlers interested in taking the Begleithund examination should have complete control over their canine companion in all matters and situations.

Could you expect your canine friend to remain still and disinterested while other dogs are running in front of him? This is a question you need to know the answer to before taking the Begleithuind test.

Socializing a dog from puppy age is the best way to get any dog ready to be able to ignore everything except your commands, even in the event of dogs playing and running around near him.

What would your dog do in an event of a serious crisis? Could you trust him to react in the way you trained him to or would you be worried he would not?

Knowing the exact reaction you would get is a part of the BH test you should be certainly be prepared for. The bind you have with your canine will be looked at and marked on by judges because this bond is an important part of working dogs’ traits.

How well dogs are trained and how ell those same dogs react to a variety of situations due to that training is what a companion test is all about. Judges look at how courageous a dog is in a creating event or how his reaction is to another dog during a tense moment.

The dog that can show his intelligence through the training he has received is the dog that will do well in the test.

Learning everything you need to know about the BH test is an important part of helping your dog to pass with flying colors. The VDH, an all-breed kennel club in Germany, is the best source for finding out all the details about rules and regulations.

In fact, the VDH sets all rules and determines what is and what is not included in the BH test- aka the companion dog test.

Now you can get complete details and information about Schutzhund dog training fast and easily!

Schutzhund Dog Training Videos

Schutzhund Dog Training: Ways Natural Drives Of Animals-Prey Drive Vs Defense Drive Are Used In Conditioning Animals

Natural Drives of Dogs-Prey Drive vs Defense Drive are areas of training in a Schutzhund dog. This is A German word meaning “protection dog”. There are four drives that are related to this kind of training. Prey, defensive, fight, and avoidance.

Prey drive is something that is inborn in all carnivorous animals. When something moves, they have an overwhelming urge to chase it, catch it, and eat it. This is something that dogs do naturally. This drive is used in Schutzhund dog training to teach the dogs to view the sacks, tubes, and sleeves as their prey.

When the dog sees these things it knows things are about to get exciting. When training, this is used as a place for the dogs to find comfort. Dogs find a great deal of joy in playing rough with their owners, and this is used to the trainer’s advantage.

Dogs are not born with defensive drive. Some owners claim their dogs would be capable of nothing more than licking an intruder to death. This is a clear sign that their dog was not born with a very strong defensive drive. It can’t be taught.

It’s something they have to be born with, in order to be able to work with it in training. Dogs are not very happy when they’re in this drive, and should be taught with great care. If not, it could lead to avoidance. This is something that is not wanted in training.

When these two drives are successfully taught, it’s time to work on creating a fighting drive. Training begins as playtime, but through the course of defensive training, the dog begins to view the trainer as someone to be cautious of.

If defensive training was taught correctly, the dog should have built up confidence and be able to see the trainer as someone it can fight with, not fear. Check out some dogs performing in this cool Schutzhund dog training video HERE.

Fight drive is also something that dogs are not always born with. If a dog has a good prey drive and a healthy defensive drive, learning to use this new drive becomes much easier for them.

Not every dog is capable of mastering the protection phase in Schutzhund dog training. There are certain characteristics these dogs must possess in order to be trained successfully. Good strong breeding is very important, and a willingness to go above and beyond their natural instincts.

Hopefully this explanation of what Natural Drives of Dogs-Prey Drive vs Defense Drive is, and how they are used in training a protection dog, have been helpful in allowing you to understand the similarities and differences between the two.

See an exciting free Schutzhund dog training video HERE. The art here is to take a playful puppy and train him or her into a well-disciplined protection dog.

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