Rare Dog Breeds: The10 Rarest Dog Breeds in the World!

rare dog breeds

Here’s an interesting video about rare doge breeds: in fact you will learn what are the 10 rarest breeds of dog in the world! If you prefer a quick reading keep scrolling below…

Rare Dog Breeds: The Top Ten

Hi everyone, for thousands of years dogs  have been faithful companions to man and  nowadays most of us simply can’t imagine  our life without them.

Along with cats, dogs are the most common companion animals.

Dog breeds are very different  from one another as well and there are a  lots of them, several hundred actually!

Everyday breeders worldwide work to  create new and unusual breeds of dogs…

Did you know that some breeds are more  common than others and that there are  certain breeds that are even considered rare. So make yourself comfortable,  because we’re about to show you the ten  rarest dog breeds on the planet.

Let’s  get it on…

Rare Dog Breeds:  Merle Pitbull

If suddenly someone stops you  on the street and ask you which dog is  considered the most dangerous you’ll  most likely answer without hesitation  the pitbull terrier.

merle pittbullReally this dog  doesn’t have a good reputation because  of its complex nature.

Once upon a time it was bred for dog fighting which means it’s more prone to aggression than other  breeds of dogs.

However end conditions of a strict  discipline with regular training pitbull puppies grow up to be loyal reliable and  friendly companions for quite a long  time.

In different countries of the world  breeding these dogs was prohibited so  they are quite rare.

However some Pit  Bull Terriers are considered rarer  than others because of the difference in  their color.

Merle has a special very rare  coat pattern in which the hair is  colored unevenly simply put. It looks  like the dog was sprayed with dark paint  to give him spots.

Despite the fact that  merle pitbulls look incredibly  impressive, the breeders are not in a  hurry to spread them. Moreover in certain  professional circles dogs with this  personal are even considered prohibited.

The  fact is that the process of pigment  formation in the dog begins at the  embryo stage, at the same time when the  nervous system is forming.

Merle is in  fact a genetic defect in the coat  pattern that is at a certain stage of  the embryos development. There was a  failure…

It affects the animal as a whole, so these dogs almost always have nervous  problems

Rare Dog Breeds: Catalburun

The unusual appearance of the dark which will now be  discussed is obvious as soon as you see  it.

catalburun dogAt first it seems there’s just  something wrong with the dog, then upon  closer inspection you realize that dog  has two noses instead of one.

Don’t worry  though, catalburun dogs are not  victims of animal cruelty,  they just born this way.

All the dogs of  this breed have a split nose, moreover in  some dogs this feature is more  pronounced while in others is not as  noticeable.

Another name for the breed is  the “Turkish pointer” which means this is  a hunting dog.

It has strong hunting  instincts, a keen sense of smell, and  boasts high trainability.

Despite the fact that Turkish pointers have a very distinct  semblance with other pointers, the breed  has not been recognized by the world  canine organization.

That’s why there are  very few breeders, so the breed is  considered rare.

Rare Dog Breeds: Mexican Hairless Dog (aka Xolo or Cholo Dog)

The  real name of the dog you see on the  screen is “Xoloitzcuintli”, but if you’re ok with it we’ll use  another more simple name: the Mexican  hairless dog or simply the cholo.

Apparently this is one of the most  ancient dog breeds in the world.

According to some sources it’s also the  rarest on earth.

Mexican hairless dogs were bred in the 5th or 3rd millennium  BC and it boasts an incredible history.

rare dog breeds - cholo dogThe natives believe that cholo was the  earthly representative of the Aztec god  of storms and death Tialoc, hence the name.

It was thought the dogs were  supposed to accompany the souls of the  dead to the afterlife.

Despite its ancient history, this breed of  the dog, for reasons still unknown, is not  widespread in the world.


Learn More about the Xolo Dog, the Dog of the Aztecs

Rare Dog Breeds: Bergamasco  Shepherd

When you look at a Bergamasco sheperd dog you might think that there’s  no dog in front of you, only a huge pile  of wool… but now the dog is actually  there somewhere you just have to try and  see it!

bergamasco sheperd dogThe original home of these dogs  is the province of Bergamo (Italy).

As you  might guess the dog was named after the  place where it was bred.

The fact that  these fluffy dogs were bred in a hot  country may seem strange but actually  bthe Bergamasco sheperds tolerate hot  weather surprisingly well, but they enjoy  rain and low temperatures even better .

They’re really not afraid of any weather…

This Shepherd was bred in order to help  people to tend sheep, so it’s not  accidental that a Bergamasco looks  like a pile of entangled wool.

Athick  layer of wool not only helps the dog to  adapt to all weather conditions but also  protects them from the teeth of wolves.

The burger Bergamasco shepherd is not a dog  for living in a house, though they  usually bread today explosively as  herding dogs that is they’re rarely bred 

Rare Dog Breeds: Tibetan Mastiff

And here is another dog which is  considered to be really ancient.

It was  first mentioned in documents from the  Late Antiquity, somewhere between the 3rd  and 4th century BC.

tibetan mastiff - rare dog breedThis huge fluffy dogs protected Tibetan monks and helps the  nomads in the Himalayan mountains.

It was  taught that the Tibetan Mastiffs are  ancestors of all shepherd and mastiff  dogs, however there’s no reason to  believe this nowadays.

An  adult dog can reach 60 to 80 kilograms  and the standard heights of 60 to 70  centimeters- To take care of this giant  you need to have your own house with a  spacious backyard.

The thick coat doesn’t  let them tolerate hot and humid climate  very easily so not everyone can handle  such a dog.

Rare Dog Breeds: Thai Ridgeback

Interestingly  the most unusual and rare dogs are also  the most ancient.

It’s like people got  too carried away with breeding dogs,  so  that gradually began to forget where it  all began…

thai ridgebackStudies show that the Thai  Ridgeback is very similar to the dingo  which means they’re most likely pretty  close relatives.

By the way scientists  believe that today it’s one of the most  pristine and distinctive breeds.

Scientists are still arguing about where  this dog was bred, however for quite a  long time their distribution was limited  to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and  Indonesia

In ancient times this area was  highly isolated due to a poor transport  system.

This whole situation led to the  fact that the Thai Ridgeback was  protected from crossing with other  breeds.

Despite the fact that the breed  has ancient origins, it was registered by  the world canine organization only in  1993, for this reason its distribution was limited.

Rare Dog Breeds: Basenji Dog

This breed  starts in central Africa more than 5,000  years ago.

basenji dogBasenji dogs have many unique  features making them impossible to  confuse with other dogs.

First they can’t bark em for real this  dog can bark at least in the  conventional sense of the word

Instead  of barking the Basenji makes characteristic yoda-like sounds but you  can only hear them when the dog is  excited.

Second: when the dog puts his  ears together  it has funny winkles on its forehead  just like a human, and the last feature is that tightly curled tail.

This may  seem surprising but Basenji dogs don’t  have the unpleasant odor that all the  other dogs have sometime after bathing.

Often you can see this dog washing  itself like cats do and the basenji coat is considered to be hypoallergenic.

It’s worth mentioning that a litter of basenji is very small on average, only  four to five puppies are born.

Other dog  breeds can give birth to up to 15  puppies at a time: maybe this is the  reason for their rarity.

Rare Dog Breeds: Azawakh Dog

We  have to warn you if you see an as a wack  dog chances are you’ll feel the  incredible need of feeding it!

azawakh dogHowever  it’s abnormal thinness is not accidental: the fact is that this dog belongs to the  family of sight hounds.

They were bred in  Mali, a country with a very hot climate, a  large part of which is occupied by the  Sahara Desert.

So it is quite logical  that dogs in this region had to have a  special body constitution.

This is how  the aazawakh dog appeared.

They have no  excess fatty tissue on their bodies,  muscles are dry and flat.

The skin is  thin with a large number of vessels: all  these qualities coupled with long limbs  nd a short back allow the dog to  develop a high speed and also provide  insurance.

The azawakh is able to chase its prey for a long time even in extreme  heat.

Dogs of this breed are not too  sociable, either they can’t live in an  apartment and they need regular physical  activity… That is why you don’t see them very  often: many professional breeders aren’t interested in its breeding.

Rare Dog Breeds: Louisiana  Catahoula Leopard Dog

There’s almost no  information on how this incredible dog  breed appeared.

Rare Dog Breeds - Louisiana  Catahoula Leopard DogExperts are still  debating some believe it was bred when  the dogs of native Indians were crossed  with red wolves and dogs that were  brought to the new world by Spaniards.

Others deny the presence of wolf’s blood  in the genes, still others are sure the  Catahoula leopard dog is a cross between  a wolf and a French shepherd dog.

In any  case the birthplace of the dog is North  America.

In 1979 the governments of  Louisiana even declared this dog the official  symbol of the state.

Originally it  was bred for hunting fur bearing animals  and large animals such as elks boars and bears. Today them are often used as shepherd dogs.

It’s interesting that  outside the US this breed is almost  impossible to find: there are some breeding nurseries just in a couple of  European countries.

Rare Dog Breeds: Bedlington Terrier

The home of the last dog in our list is  the United Kingdom.

It was first  documented about 200 years ago, although  back then the breed was known as the Rothbury Terrier.

bedlington terrierThey were bred on the  border of England and Scotland and  mostly used for hunting. Closer to the 19th century the popularity of the dogs  increased, that’s when they acquired  their familiar refined and sophisticated  appearance.

Interestingly, at some point,  breeders started to fight: some have  tried to keep the hunting qualities that  the breed, others wanted to breed dogs  with a soft flexible nature to enable  them to be adopted as pets.

We can’t say  who won this battle, but today the  Bedlington Terriers are one of the most  expensive and rare dog breeds.

They’re  especially popular among the aristocrats.

When you look at this amazing dog with cropped curly hair you can’t really be  surprised.


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