Pitbull Training: 7 Training Tips to Help Change the Perception of These Amazing Dogs

Pitbull Training

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Unfortunately, the pit bull has become thought of, as a vicious breed and only pitbull training will make a big difference.

This is a hotly debated topic among pitbull lovers and everyone else and without trying to spark an argument, suffice it to say the CDC has determined that there is no conclusive data linking one breed to dog bites and fatalities.

What is important to realize about pit bulls is how proper pitbull training and treatment affect their demeanor and personality.

Pitbull Heritage

The name “Pitbull terriers” can in fact make reference to a number of different kinds of dog, and each of them has been subjected to very similar breeding that dates back to bulldogs as well as terriers.

The main difference between an American Staffordshire, American Pit Bull Terrier, and a Staffordshire terrier, happens to be in the actual terriers employed to breed, and also the region they were bred in.

These types of dogs have been carefully bred for various objectives, and occasionally they were also bred solely to fight in pits, hence the term pit bull.

Beginning Pitbull Training

The first step to pitbull training is to establish firm boundaries, respect, and love between you and your pet. When your dog understands boundaries and respects you there is very little they would not do for you.

Love may seem like the most important; however, it is the one trait that is almost automatic. Boundaries and respect will take a bit more work. Puppy training begins the moment you bring your new pet into the household.

Boundaries of Pitbull Training

While you may enjoy snuggling with your pet on the couch you should actually make this a dog-free zone, or at least by invitation only. This is the first step to establishing boundaries and installs you permanently as the alpha personality. In the wild canines live in packs, within the pack, there is one alpha personality who rules the roost so to speak. That is the role you want to hold.

Basics of Pitbull Training

Pitbull training ought to contain the fundamental directions, so immediately after setting the stage as discussed above, you need to start teaching the fundamental puppy training commands. Begin your pitbull training by means of instilling obedience to simple commands such as

* Sit
* Stay
* Come
* Here

Behavioral Matters in Pitbull Training

Pitbull Training_Throughout puppy training, you could encounter certain bad built-in behaviors. Typically, behavior difficulties come from inadequate pitbull training or simply mishandling.

However, you will quickly realize there are some dogs that might naturally be a little bit more aggressive, passive or prone to ripping up things.

If you discover in the course of your pitbull training you are handling a dog along these lines, please correct the behavior immediately and firmly. Sometimes, a specialist canine trainer might be essential.

Conclusion on Pitbull Training

While training your puppy keep in mind that everyone in the home and who comes into contact with the dog should abide by the same rules.

For example, when you are trying to keep your pet from jumping up on people all members of the house must abide by that rule.

If the children think, it is delightful to allow your young puppy to jump on their legs for attention this part of the training will quickly be undone.

Pitbull training will make a huge difference in the demeanor and disposition of your dog, take the time to do it correctly and you can make a big improvement on the image of this lovable breed.

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American Pitbull Training – Dog Obedience Training

The Pit Bull terrier is an amazing dog and is extremely energetic and can certainly prove to be a handful if not properly trained. American Pit Bulls are extremely loyal and when a relationship is formed, it lasts forever.

If you’re a new Pit Bull owner, you really need to understand how demanding these dogs can be and realize that they need a lot of attention and training in order to recognize their full potential as pets. Pits are very intelligent dogs and this will work to your advantage as you’re going through the training process.

Because of their high intelligence, Pit Bulls can have a stubborn streak in them but don’t let this scare you when it comes to obedience training time. You as the owner must remember that there will be times when you ask him to do something and he’s not going to obey, even though he knows what you are expecting him to do.

Remember to remain patient in these times and don’t get frustrated. The earlier you are training your Pit, the better. At 8 weeks of age, you can begin basic training and socializing your Pit Bull puppy. Remember, make sure to keep the training activities fun and use positive reinforcements to encourage desired behavior.

Socialization is one of the key areas of focus for Pit Bull training. Pits can be extremely friendly and affectionate animals but they can be dog aggressive if not properly socialized. The best way to socialize your pup is to enroll in training classes. Training classes allow your Pit to be trained side by side with other dogs.

When your Pit Bull puppy reaches the age of 13-16 weeks, you can begin a more serious training routine. During this age, your Pit will likely test his boundaries with you and explore the area of dominance. He may nip and try to assume the alpha dog role. It is important to be strong during this time and maintain the dominant role in the relationship.

Pit Bulls are genuinely lovable family dogs that if properly trained, make a great pet for anyone. They are excellent dogs that love being around their “people”. Be sure to train your Pit Bull as early as possible and remember to stay consistent.

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