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Dog Obedience Training

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The Value of Dog Obedience Training eBooks

Dog training eBooks are helpful nowadays if you have trouble with your pet and need some reference to try and solve it.

If your bet is having problems that you don’t understand, you can always consult your eBook.

It takes the hassle of carrying a heavy hardbound with just as much information trapped within its databases.

Dog training eBooks are better than conventional hard-bounds in most bookstores because of their accessibility.

You can literally go anywhere carrying a dozen of eBooks in your pocket from which you can take out for quick reference if the need arises.

This gives you more flexibility to manage your pet while training to follow your commands.

Dog training eBooks are professionally written but cheaper in terms of normal books. the electronic versions tend to cost less since they’re not printed on paper, rather – they are electronically translated text that can fit in most portable devices, if you have a small cell phone that can read text files, then you have got yourself a book in the palm of your hand.

Obedience training eBooks are generally cheaper and written by professionals. Since eBooks are electronic versions of books, you can easily store information even in the tiniest devices.

They are cheap and user-friendly – which is a lot better than a book that you have to carry and flip on certain pages to find information that you want.

Aside from that, most dog training eBooks out there are written by real professionals who have real experiences with pets so you can guarantee that their advice is helpful for you and your pet.

Dog training eBooks keep their information relatively shortened but direct to the point. Most dog training eBooks out there express their points as simple as possible so they can reach more readers and have them understand the important points using simplified English.

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Stop Your Dog From Digging

Dogs have many habits that can be annoying and upsetting to their owners. Nonstop barking, chewing on furniture or shoes and peeing or pooping in the house are only a few of the things dogs might do to cause owners grief.

When you start properly training your dog when he’s a puppy, you will find that many of these problems can be corrected.

In order to properly train your dog, you have to be consistent – reward good behavior, and punish bad behavior. One technique that is quite productive is to lavish your dog with attention when they are acting appropriately and ignore them when their behavior is not suitable.

This typically leads to improved behavior, as dogs crave their owner’s attention. A common problem that can prove dangerous to homeowners is their constant digging.

Why Your Dog Digs, and How You Can Stop Them

When you have a dog who is digging, the first step is to understand why your pet is digging in the yard. Some dogs dig simply for the pleasure of digging.

Others are just bored and digging provides them an outlet for energy. Dogs who are not neutered may actually try to dig under the fence so that they can find a mate.

Sometimes there is fresh dirt or fertilizer in the yard that just begs for the dog to go digging in. For some dogs, the act of digging is honestly just a part of their personality. They want someone cool to lie down, so they make a little den for themselves. Of course, some dogs think of it as less of a den and more of a place to hide.

The first step in preventing digging is to be sure that your pet receives plenty of exercises, play, and attention from you. Dogs really love being taught new tricks and getting involved in new experiences.

Dogs who are regularly allowed to experience new things, and receive plenty of opportunities for mental and physical exercise, are far less likely to engage in negative, damaging behaviors.

Some dogs will be compelled to dig if they are given a bone, so you may need to avoid giving your dog bones, in order to keep the dog from digging.

Instead, try feeding your dog small treats that are easy to eat, so that he or she won’t be left with anything to bury after he or she’s done with it. Another neat little trick you can try is to bury balloons in all the spots that your dog likes to dig.

When your dog hears the balloon pop, it will scare them and the negative reinforcement will act like a mental barrier that makes your dog less likely to dig in that spot again.

If your dog is prone to digging, you should ensure that he or she is supervised whenever they are out in the yard. If you’re outside with them, you can spray them with a hose or squirt gun when you see them starting to dig. That watery surprise will keep your dog from wanting to dig in that spot again, much like the balloon.

How To Prevent Your Dog Or Puppy From Embarrassing You with Obedience Training

Obedience classes and extensive training are the best ways to help with How to prevent your dog or puppy from embarrassing you at home or in public when they are around other dogs or people. There are much obedience training techniques for helping a puppy or dog to control themselves when it comes to learning what they should and shouldn’t do around other animals and people.

If you have a puppy, beginning obedience training classes as soon as they are part of your family is recommended.

The sooner they realize that you are the leader of the pack and that they need to listen to what you are saying and commanding them to do, the better it will be for both you and the puppy.

Dog Obedience TrainingJust as children need love, attention, and boundaries, so do puppies; they need to know they are loved and cared for as well as where their boundaries are.

Obedience training a puppy can be rewarding and frustrating at the same time but well worth the efforts when they begin to grow into well-behaved dogs.

A good dog or puppy full of energy could be most embarrassing when someone comes to your house for a visit and the animal bounds around the corner and jumps up on the guest, practically knocking them to the ground.

What is more difficult is if the person visiting does not particularly care for dogs.

To prevent your puppy or dog from jumping on visitors, even family members like grandma, it is important to teach them a simple command like a sit-stay or a down-stay which you can put them in before answering the door.

A dog that can master this basic command will stay in this position no matter what is going on around them.

Schools for dogs and puppies are wonderful places for your pets to learn the good behavior they need and to control the excess energy some have. Depending on the dog’s breed and the amount of effort an owner puts out, this will determine when a dog or puppy ‘clicks’ with their training and masters the correct commands for stay, heel, and sit.

One of the more important commands a puppy should learn is “leave it”. This command is very helpful when taking a puppy or dog on a walk and they want to sniff or investigate everything or anything along the way.

For example, if there is something on the sidewalk, a discarded cigarette or a sandwich wrapper, a dog’s natural curiosity and hunger will send them barreling towards the item, but if they know the command ‘don’t touch’ they will continue on with their walking and leave the item alone, not giving it a second thought.

There is another time in which the ‘no’ command would be necessary and that is when the dog or puppy would come face to face with another dog. This is because proper dog welcoming is to sniff the rear and not lick the face. Some dogs are sensitive to other dogs getting in their face.

In puppy or dog classes, owners and their dogs will practice what is known as the ‘meet and greet’ in which the class splits up into to groups and walks towards each other.

They stop about a foot apart and put their dogs on a sit-stay next to them. Then they shake hands with the other person and sometimes the teacher will have them swing their arm out over the dog and pat each other on the arm or shoulder.

This exercise shows the dog that it’s okay for their ‘parent’ to interact with others while they sit by and watch. No jumping or barking is required.

Learning How to prevent your dog or puppy from embarrassing can be a fun and fulfilling exercise in patience for both the owner and animal.

It takes time and a lot of practice but if you keep at it, you will have a well-behaved dog that you will not be embarrassed to take out in public or have sit next to you when company comes to your house.

Puppy training can be frustrating. Obedience training a dog requires discipline and consistency. When experiencing problems, consult a professional.

 Is It Possible To Get Your Dog To Stop Whining with Obedience Training?

The way to Potty Train a PuppyYour brand new puppy just came home with you but won’t stop whimpering, and the noise is driving you crazy.

Those living around you have begun to voice concern, and your patience is wearing thin.

You are well aware that the whining must stop, but you certainly don’t want to take back the cute little puppy.

So what in the world is the solution?

Several techniques exist to help stop the dog from whining.

One option is to purchase an electrical device that will emit a high-pitch noise; the only one who can hear the noise is your dog and he will not like the sound.

You can also consistently tell your dog to stop whenever he or she starts whimpering.

With time, your dog will learn not to whine and silence will be restored, but your presence will be required almost all the time to train your pet this way.

There are other ways to help your dog learn how to stop whining, as well as how to stop other problem behaviors, but this article will focus on the devices and systems already mentioned here.

Tools for Obedience Training

Electrical devices to help your dog stop whining are not expensive and are completely safe to use. These devices simply produce a sound which the dog does not enjoy.

As a great analogy, imagine hearing a loud, unpleasant sound every time you ate fattening food. It would not likely be long before there was a stop to all questionable food selections, due to the unbearable nature of the noise they prompted. Such is the concept underlying the noise tools made to prevent a dog from whining.

Should there be uncertainty regarding the tools, you are reluctant to antagonize the dog, or are worried that the tool will do harm to the animal, options other than audio tools exist to help make the dog stop whining.

Practice Obedience Training Consistently

The next best solution is to be present when your dog is whining so that you can get him to stop whining. Simply tell the dog “No!” or make another loud noise when the whimpering begins. Never strike the dog. It is never advisable to strike a pet, regardless of its deportment at any given moment.

Hitting is the least effective thing you can do and will only create problems down the road. There are many more effective solutions to get your dog to stop whining.

At the moment you catch the dog in the behavior you want to eliminate, try clapping very loudly with your hands, or hit your open palm with a folded newspaper.

The reason these ways are effective is that dogs have very sensitive ears, much more sensitive than ours, and react strongly to a noise that bothers them or causes them distress. Be consistent and do this every time your dog begins to whine.

By following these tips consistently, you will find your dog will stop whining and your neighbors stop complaining about the noise.

Hugo is a consultant who specializes in dog training methods to increase the pet owner’s satisfaction with their pet. Looking for a free guide to dog training?

Visit James’ site to get one, see other helpful hints and read training product reviews. Take a look at Secrets to Dog Training Review, Dog behavior problems

Puppy Whining and Howling: Obedience Training 101

Can there be something more exciting than bringing home a new puppy? From now on a loyal friend will be a member of our household and each member of the family will enjoy the time spent with your little companion.

You need to have enough food, medicine, exercise, and basic obedience training to help your puppy. Some pet owners have always been interested in the topic “puppy training: how to train a puppy to stop whining and howling”.

This is a very interesting topic and it can be beneficial to know how to train your pet as early as now to avoid them from having separation anxiety.

Dogs that are howling and whining suffer quite often from separation anxiety. This is normal for your dog and proves nothing else than that he wants to be together with you. What you need to do is to teach him to stay alone for a while.

Put your puppy in a crate or separate room and leave. It will probably not take long before your pet starts whining and howling. Do not go immediately back to him. It is important to let a little while pass before you return.

Why is that? You don’t want to send your pet the message that it controls you. This is certainly not what you want. So wait sometime before you go back. As soon as you do this start reassuring your puppy. You want him to know that you come back eventually.

After your puppy has calmed down, leave your pet again, and if he starts whining give him a firm “no”.

When your new puppy behaves or keeps quiet after the command, you can give him a pat or a treat. Doing this will help your puppy know that you appreciate good behavior and it also becomes an instinct that they will be rewarded if they behave.

Expand the periods of time that you leave him to step by step. What he will find out is that you always come back and don’t leave him permanently.

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