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Labrador Adoption: Keeping Them Happy

A tired dog is a good dog.

This saying is certainly true for Labrador Retrievers.

Since they are of the working breed, they are built to last for hours and hours of exercise.

They will only calm down after an hour or more of strenuous exercise.

You need to realize that since you have adopted a very energetic pet from a shelter; it is now your responsibility to give it adequate exercise since it most probably didn’t get enough of it in the limited area of the pet shelter.

This is how energetic Labradors are: they can put up with humans if ever they are brought out to hunt in the woods for the whole day.

Even if you ask it to go get that animal all day long, it won’t complain. So, if you think that walking around the block for an hour is enough, it is definitely not. They need to be very tired running around for an hour before it gets a bit tired.

If you want your Labrador to get adequate exercise, let him play with another dog. You can walk around the neighborhood first and make friends with those who have dogs, then organize a dog socializing event wherein your dogs can just play in a safe and secure private area while the humans can also interact freely. Both you and your dog will gain new friends.

One good way to start your dog’s socialization (and yours too actually) is to have a backyard grill. You also might want to have some other food over if grilling isn’t your type. There must at least be 3 dogs from the neighborhood. Now, while you are chilling with the other dog owners, just let the dogs play around.

After a few months, your Labrador’s bones and muscles have definitely strengthened, then you can try to step up in terms of your dog’s physical fitness. You might want to organize a dog contest wherein the dogs have to pass an obstacle race.

While doing the above-mentioned suggestions is great, it is vital never to forget that your dogs need training. Giving your dogs proper obedience training will mean that they know how to behave not only in the house but also in public.

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Labrador Adoption From The Animal Shelter: Why Bad Behavior Is Actually A Good Thing!

Adopt a LabradorIf you have just adopted an adolescent or adult Labrador Retriever, and you found out that it lacks training, you might be upset with it, don’t be!

Your Lab, although it cannot go back to puppyhood, can still be trained to behave well.

Their habits acquired will certainly not disappear that easily.

But, it can be curved. You just need to choose a good training technique in training the older Labradors.

Don’t let the feeling of being tired upset you. Remain steadfast in your training. Be consistent too. You cannot just yell at your dog one day, and then pat it on the head another day for one similar thing that it has done. It needs to understand what you like and dislike.

Your very active dog’s energy must be channeled into becoming positive traits that will blend well into the new society that he is now a part of. For this to be successful, full commitment on your part is vital. You need to be loving and nurturing for this once lonely dog to feel that he truly has a home.

Back to level one

It is quite simple to train the Labradors who have been adopted from a rescue group or a pet shelter. You just need to treat them as you would a very young puppy. Always use positive training techniques and never yell at them nor do any negative reinforcements for them not to disdain the very sight of you.

There are a lot of people who absolutely hate the behavior of their dogs. They think that the Labrador Retriever that they adopted from the shelter is an abnormal dog because it is acting up wildly while the one that it sees down the street is very calm and mellow.

The behavior that your labrador has as of the moment might be frustrating, but then, you need to understand that it merely doesn’t know how to behave simply because it doesn’t understand what you like and dislike. Believe me, they want to please you. Proper training will eventually kick-off, so be patient.

Your dog might have experienced being in different houses before, so it really is not sure whether he will be allowed to live with you forever. If it is acting around like crazy, then it is good news because it is an indicator that he likes being with you.

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Labrador Adoption From The Animal Shelter: How To Handle The Ultra-Exuberant Lab

There are some Labradors, who, after being taught the commands ‘sit’ and ‘off’ are still too enthusiastic. It may be high time to put a leash to them and for them to try out a harness too.

Putting on a harness or a leash into your dog and making sure they can’t jump but can just stand and sit is a good way for them to control themselves. To do this, you get a sturdy chair, then put your feet on the leash to keep them from ‘acting up’. Just make sure that you are in control or else you might be pulled off by this big dog.

The harness is capable of greatly assisting you to reinforce the sit command. It will let your dog understand that you are so serious with this command that you don’t want him to disobey you by jumping up suddenly to you or to anyone else.

Using a head collar will further reinforce Labrador’s behavioral training. Get one that fits over the muzzle (this is almost the same as a horse’s halter). This provides excellent aid to you.

Use it in the house or on walks while your dog is learning how to walk on a leash, so you aren’t getting your arm yanked out of its socket. Also, head collars can help potential adopters to recognize that they can handle that 75-pound, full-grown Labrador Retriever.

What is important is that for you not to give up training your very lively dog. Don’t leave them in another pet shelter. This is quite frustrating for them. Just spend enough training for them, around 20 minutes a day. They will become domesticated, you’ll see. If you really find it difficult, just seek professional help.

With proper training, you will see that your hyperactive shelter Lab has become a really great, respectable, and well-trained family pet, one that your neighbors will be envious of.

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