King Charles Spaniel Training: The Dog with a Big Heart – Great for Families (3 Dog Training Articles – Best Reading!)

King Charles Spaniel

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King Charles Spaniel

In this post, you can read 3 inspiring articles about King Charles Spaniel, an exceptional dog for kids and families.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Training: What Are the Training Types?

King Charles Spaniel TrainingCavalier King Charles Spaniel’s training is what makes this exceptionally affectionate breed more fun to be around.

When going through it, they’re taught various commands and behaviors that allow them to understand how to behave appropriately.

As a result, you’re less likely to have a pet with behavior issues like jumping on people, biting, too much barking, and others.

Training this specific breed doesn’t only limit to teaching him how to follow simple commands.

There is certainly more to cavalier king Charles Spaniel training than simply sit, stay or come. Find out the different types of training:


Socialization is important in dog training. It is during this period that the pet ought to be exposed to various things and scenarios that could drastically affect his rapport with humans and other animals.

During the first few days at home, it’s always best to introduce him to the new environment he is brought into, members of the family, and resident pets in a step-by-step manner.

He must also get used to typical sights and sounds at home like kids playing and laughing, passersby, friends visiting, the ringing of the phone as well as sights and sounds caused by natural forces like thunder, lightning, and rain. When he completed the mandatory vaccination, you can also start taking him out for a walk.

When exposing him to something, you should do it slowly and make every experience a positive one. This in turn will make him understand that these things or people are good, not something to be scared of.

Obedience training

While you’re socializing with your four-legged friend, it is not wrong to begin training him with obedience commands. Start with the basics first like sit, stay, and come.

These commands are not only simple but also effective in keeping your furry friend away from trouble. Moreover, basic commands are also the groundwork of more complicated commands you may need to teach him later on.


You can never be a happy dog owner if your pet doesn’t know how to do his business the right way. Like socialization, it’s advisable to start housebreaking as soon as your puppy arrives home. Designate an area in your property as his toilet and train him to poo or pee there as much as possible.

Should you catch him about to pee or poo in the spot apart from that you specified, take immediate action to distract him and take him to the appropriate place. Never reprimand him for accidents for it will bring both of you no good.

Show Dog

While this isn’t the most typical objective of cavalier King Charles Spaniel training, there are owners who train their little pets to participate in conformation shows. To be able to excel, pets ought to be armed with tricks to please the judges as well as the crowd.

Discipline and the ability to withstand distraction are two crucial characteristics your furry friend must possess to be able to excel in these shows.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Training: Activity your Family Will Enjoy

One factor to attain successful cavalier king Charles Spaniel training is consistency. That is the reason many people believe that training a particular dog should be done by one individual only to ensure consistency thus prevents confusion.

But, since dogs are usually regarded as members of the family, it’s just right that other members of the family must get involved in training also.

If training is carried out by a single family member only, there is a tendency that the pet will become faithful and respect that particular person alone. For example, if daddy is the trainer, it’s likely that your pet won’t “go potty” whenever mom commands him to do so or won’t “stop barking” when the daughter becomes aware that he might be bothering the neighbors due to too much barking.

On the other hand, if the whole family is involved in cavalier king Charles Spaniel’s training, other members can give him command and believe that he’ll follow and respect them.

If dad is not around, mom can certainly stop him from doing what he’s not supposed to do, thus keeping him safe in various instances. In addition, he becomes more sociable if more people train and have direct interaction with him.

Nevertheless, there are lots of things family members should remember in order to get a positive training outcome. First, they must bear in mind that dogs must be trained consistently.

For instance, if you’re presently training him never to jump on people, other members of the family must do the same.

If one of the members permits the deed, it’ll only lead to confusion thus defeating the reason for cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s training. The same holds true to the training commands you are using. Members ought to use the same words or phrases for each command.

Like for example if you’re using “go potty” to motivate him to do his business, others ought to use exactly the same phrase all the time as opposed to utilizing other phrases such as “go potty outside” or “it’s time to potty”. If you are walking the family dog every morning, you must take turns in doing so at the same time each day.

There are a lot of ways in order to make training more enjoyable. One is to figure out whether or not your furry friend is physically and mentally in shape to do different activities. This is crucial since a sick or nervous dog will not learn effectively and this will lead to disappointment on your part.

Let the kids offer your pet his reward, be it praise or a delectable treat. Just make certain that the children are old enough to complete the task to prevent possible accidents or injuries.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel training is an excellent family bonding activity but be reminded that they do get tired as well thus training time mustn’t last more than an hour.

Looking for more cavalier king Charles Spaniel training suggestions you can trust? Check out this site particularly dedicated to cavalier king Charles Spaniel training.

The Use of Hand Signals In Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Training

Successful cavalier king Charles Spaniel’s training is certainly not impossible to achieve. While professional trainers are often, if not at all times, effective, there are a lot of techniques that can help you train your beloved pet yourself.

Apart from dog experts, you can learn these approaches from several websites, breed discussion boards and groups, ebooks, and other breed owners you know.

One widely used training technique is the utilization of hand signals. Hand signals, if properly utilized, can produce results that would surely make you a pleased and proud pet owner. To learn how hand signals work, check this out:


To train your pet how to sit using hand signals, bend your arm upwards with your hand or fist beside your head. While carrying out the body language, give the command “sit”. Employing this hand signal each time you command your dog to sit will enable him to relate the hand signal with the spoken command.

One more version is to extend your arm toward your dog and then point your index finger down. This hand signal is seldom used though as this can be easily confused with the signal for “down”.


To begin training this command using hand signals, extend your arm in front of you, palm facing down. Slowly move your hand towards the floor while saying the command “down”. Use this hand signal each time you give the command to enable him to connect the signal with the verbal command.


 This command is a vital part of cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s training too. If you are facing your dog, extend your arm in front of you with your palm facing your pet and your fingers pointing upwards.

If needed, move your hand towards him but do it slowly. On the other hand, if your pet is alongside or behind you, lower your arm to your side with your fingers pointing down while your hand is facing your pet. Carry out the hand signals while ordering your pet to “stay”.


 Just like stay, the come command requires you to extend your arm in front of you. However this time, rather than moving it towards your pet, you will need to move your arm across your body until it touches your opposite shoulder.

Initially, your hand ought to move slowly towards your body and gradually increase the speed as the training progress. As your hand moves, give the command “come” and give him a reward when he comes near you.

Ashley Phillips shares useful cavalier king Charles Spaniel’s training advice. Learn more tips by visiting her site regarding cavalier king Charles Spaniel training.

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