Great Dane Training – Things You Need To Know, Part 1 (6 Articles!)

Great Dane Training

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Great Dane Training
Great Dane Training

Great Dane Training Basics: Learn More About Your Dog

It is necessary that you know your dog well because doing so could actually advance your Great Dane training techniques.

The truth is, the sooner you get acquainted with your own Great Dane pet, the less complicated it gets to conduct a number of productive dog training programs. Most expert dog trainers strongly propose that dog owners must always bond with their pets so they get to know each other well.

By doing this, you can clearly analyze what your dog must have and how to respond to those demands.

You will also be aware of which “signals” to accommodate and which to disregard. The more you understand your dog, the more pleasurable and effective Great Dane training becomes.

Great Danes are exceptionally enormous and powerful dogs that are brimming with spirit and energy. They may look competitive and overwhelming; nevertheless, such gigantic dogs are shockingly tender, loyal, and sociable.

Their greatest joy is to be around people; they don’t want to be left on their own for a long time. Otherwise, various “accidents” might take place simply because they got bored, depressed, or neglected.

You might have to endure exuberant jumping, digging, chasing cars or people, and other forms of destructiveness. Hence, make it a point that you start early with puppy training together with Great Dane training for obedience.

You ought to frequently take your Great Dane out into the world as a way to help him improve his confidence and teach him proper ways of conduct.

Despite the fact that most Great Danes have a serene and outgoing personality, they can also become unruly and unsociable if not socialized and handled appropriately.

Suspiciousness, aggression or fearfulness might develop if you can’t make your Great Dane understand the difference between a bad guy and a good guy. For this reason, extensive exposure should be enforced and proper socialization routines.

Furthermore, you have to take advantage of your dog’s guarding and territorial instincts or train him to become a great watchdog. Otherwise, your big dog would always anxiously broadcast the presence of your visitors and would even try to jump at or attack strangers.

And even though most Great Danes are sociable with other pets or animals, they can also showcase dominance or aggression; particularly if you aren’t careful during your outdoor Great Dane training sessions. And if possible, go for positive dog training tactics.

Thankfully, Great Danes are exciting and uncomplicated to work together with. You could proficiently carry out several training courses and activities if you know how to handle your dog.

And such a breed doesn’t even require a lot of physical exercises. It will only take a reasonable amount of the right sorts of exercise to keep a Great Dane healthy and happy.

Even so, you need to allocate a large space for your growing pet. It’s also advisable to make use of the best-suited training tools and equipment; especially if your dog is a rather hyperactive one.

For more productive Great Dane training, it is necessary that you know how to examine and comprehend your dog’s body language.

Martin Webster is a writer of a great deal of straightforward but useful Great Dane dog training ideas and methods. He can supply you with a lot of effective and reliable Great Dane dog training information and resources.

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The Great Importance of Rewards for Great Dane Training

Have you learned that doing proper Great Dane training is the best thing you can do for your family and your own pet? Basically, numerous positive aspects could be relished if your Great Dane dog is a rather responsible, outgoing, obedient, and loyal pet.

Indeed, you’ll certainly enjoy every moment you spend with your dog, and will always be proud of owning such a notable breed. Luckily, Great Dane training isn’t an impossible task to accomplish regardless of the breed’s size.

In essence, it is now possible with more convenience, safety, and success through the aid of the best dog training information and resources.

All dogs need proper training for a lot of behavioral problems that might take place. Although Great Danes are pretty smart and easy to train dogs, they may be very inclined to exhibit improper or undesirable habits and behaviors.

Therefore, make it a point that you consistently manage proper Great Dane training. This way, you won’t have to endure with an extremely frustrating, uncontrollable, and disturbing pet. Instead, you can keep a remarkably talented big dog.

Who says furniture chewing and digging are actually bound to happen and can never be held back?

Proper dog training is also for you and your dog’s safety and protection.

As you can see, Great Danes are very large dogs that have the power to spark a great ruckus just by being hyperactive; even boredom can stimulate lots of troubles and accidents.

Your great dog might tear your house apart, mess up your breathtaking lawn, make an effort to go outdoors and chase people or other dogs, bark endlessly and may even bite or terrify people away.

Now, why let these things happen if you can actually address them through proper training and guidance? Remember, various “accidents” transpire due to ignorance and negligence.

On top of that, you can help your dog maintain a healthy physique through sufficient and appropriate training along with physical exercises. A range of medical ailments can be prevented if your Great Dane is well-trained and properly exercised.

You won’t have to go through many expenses because of various dog health issues, especially if you know very well how to look after your own pet. So why wait around for any sickness to show itself? Unsurprisingly, a healthy and responsible person makes a healthy and happy pet, too.

Additionally, you get to carry out a number of Great Dane training courses and activities that would make you and your dog the center of attraction in the world of dog ownership and dog training.

You can train your Great Dane to become a highly-skilled watchdog or service dog; you can also embark on the challenges of dog training for agility. The earlier you begin training your Great Dane and the more you implement proper training, the more positive results you can reap the benefits of.

So why overlook the essence of doing proper Great Dane training if such endeavor has the ability to grant you a lot of rewarding results?

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Great Dane Training Tips: 4 Mistakes To Avoid

Do you know what can cause Great Dane training to fail? Aren’t you cognizant of the mistakes and practices that often lead to failure when it comes to training your big dog? Perhaps you continue on engaging in things that, without your knowledge, are actually putting your dog training efforts in jeopardy.

Well, you must know which practices to keep clear of and which to continually employ; this way, various issues, and accidents could be prevented.

Moreover, training a Great Dane becomes a more pleasant and effective experience if you keep in mind the things that you ought to do and which not to. Hence, without further ado, listed here are the top four Great Dane training practices or mistakes that you ought to avoid:


This is perhaps the most prevalent reason why many people don’t succeed in dog training.

dane trainingSeemingly, consistency is among the crucial ingredients that make Great Dane training an achievement.

On the other hand, inconsistency features nothing but confusion and the development of numerous behavioral problems.

If you keep on passing up your training routines, then don’t expect your dog to always look forward to being trained.

How will you make your dog get used to obeying your commands if you’re not quite consistent and disciplined?

Basically, you don’t have to spend all day training your Great Dane.

What matters is that you conduct brief but consistent training routines. A few minutes a day completed twice or thrice will do.

Making use of tough or improper corrective solutions

There really is no need for harsh or inhumane punitive measures just like hitting or scolding just to manage to correct your Great Dane’s habits or behaviors. Remember, undesirable behaviors should be addressed properly rather than just punishing your pet.

What you need are proper timing and relevant corrective measures. Furthermore, do your best to inculcate positive behaviors; this way, unacceptable habits can be shunned or averted.

Being too lenient or indulgent

A lot of people just can’t say no to their dogs, especially when they see that naive look in their pet’s watery eyes. Therefore, they often tend to give whatever it takes to please their dogs; even to the extent that their pets have become spoiled brats.

Now, this is where dominance, aggression, and other troublesome habits come about. Indulgence is what can cause dogs to get stubborn and unruly.

Thus, see to it that you properly control your dog by being a disciplined master. Affection, leadership, and discipline must work for hand and hand.

Letting your big dog take the lead

Considering how big your dog can develop into, it’s certainly not wise to give him the slightest thought that he can also be the leader of the pack. You ought to be the alpha dog; the one who’s in control, and always has the final say. You must be the one to take the lead.

Leadership, trust, and respect must be founded immediately; however, it’s best to do it in the right way. Or else, you will have difficulty taking control of your d


There’s no need to coerce your pet or take action aggressively just to make him conform to your house rules and Great Dane training for obedience commands.

Preferably, treat your pet well and make it clear who the leader is. Do not permit dominance by allowing or encouraging leash pulling, dog-walking-ahead-of-the-master, food aggression as well as other unwanted behaviors.

Martin Webster is a writer of a great deal of straightforward but helpful Great Dane dog training tips and techniques. He can provide you with a lot of useful and trustworthy Great Dane dog training information and resources.

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Great Dane Training Advice: What Commands To Teach

Do you know what are the Great Dane training commands that you have to teach your dog? Have you already come up with your own obedience commands? Perhaps this is your first time doing dog training for obedience.

Well, don’t be too anxious because training a Great Dane dog is not that complex and stressful in spite of its massive size. In fact, Great Dane training can be carried out with ease, fun, and success if you have the most effective training tools and information.

Moreover, if you know which obedience commands to pay attention to and start teaching your pet, then you can definitely carry out several Great Dane training activities without having to pull on his leash or yell at him to your heart’s content.

Get started with the following training commands so your Great Dane grows to be an exceptional pet:


The “sit” command is perhaps the most familiar trick that many people wish their dogs to master. If you could make your Great Dane master the sit command, then you can take pride in having a satisfied, devoted, and manageable dog.

The difficulty of this command to teach would rely on your dog’s personality and your perseverance during training. If you can make your dog sit as soon as you give the command, then various issues or accidents can be fended off.

You should utilize the sit command in conjunction with the stay command if you need your great dog to behave should he get fired up to open the door or meet a family member.

You should be vigilant when training your great dog to stay seated as he might get bewildered if your actions are not distinct. Make it very clear what you expect your dog to do without needing to force him.

Down and Stand or Up

The down command is valuable if your Great Dane pet is fond of jumping at people or reaching the countertops. It’s wise that you exercise proper timing when bringing out such commands so as to avert confusion.

You won’t have to force your dog to automatically perform your commands; instead, be creative and playful when conducting your Great Dane training routines.

See to it that you properly correct your dog’s habit whenever you can catch him doing the act. Also, present your dog with the proper signal or command to stand up.


This command, when performed, clearly depicts obedience and discipline. It’s imperative to teach your dog to heel, specifically if you’re inclined to bring him outdoors.

That way, no more leash pulling or walking ahead of the master and other infuriating habits when walking with a leash on. The heel command is also one way to keep your Great Dane protected and behaving.

The Come or Recall as well as the Go and Stop commands must also be taught as these are invaluable not just during playtime and training but also in everyday life. There will always come a time that you need to command your dog to come or go back to you.

Your dog must also understand the commands that would tell him to stop whatever he’s doing like when he’s starting to chew on your furniture.

The Off, Away or Leave it keywords are also essential, particularly while your Great Dane is still a puppy. And the words that serve as your commands depend on your own preferences; however, it’s a wise idea that you opt for one or short-word commands.

In this manner, your Great Dane will conveniently and immediately excel at whatever you want him to learn or execute.

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Factors To Keep In Mind To Make Great Dane Training Pleasurable and Successful

Are you among the numerous problematic dog owners who aspire to execute an exciting and productive Great Dane training endeavor? Perhaps you’re having trouble working with your big dog simply because you lack specific dog training information and tools.

Nevertheless, Great Danes are never complicated to regulate and train despite their overwhelming size. And you can even finish several fun and productive Great Dane training activities with convenience and success. Would you like to know what must be carried out?

Here’s how:

Conduct socialization appropriately. The truth is, you should properly socialize your Great Dane pet the instant you can manage. The earlier you begin with socialization, the more outgoing and responsible your dog gets to be.

Thus, see to it that you correctly expose your big dog to all members of your family. You should then slowly and attentively teach your dog ideal means of conduct; particularly if it concerns interacting with other people and dogs.

Make Great Dane training for obedience a part of your day-to-day routine. Your training sessions don’t need to be rigid and wearisome. Instead, do your best to make every training routine a fun, productive, and positive endeavor.

This way, you and your dog will always anticipate every session. Start out with puppy training; and, do not forget to give treats and plenty of praise.

Spend more time with your dog. The more you bond, the better and more positive your relationship becomes. Make it a point that fun and productivity work hand and hand.

And because little things count, always look for chances wherein you can put your dog’s behavior and respect to check. Of course, don’t fail to pamper your pet and provide for his necessities.

Come up with the right sorts of Great Dane training activities. Considering such a breed’s size and temperament, you don’t need to experience the challenging roads of dog training.

You can always help your dog become the best that he can be without having to undertake complex levels of training. Why don’t you try clicker training or other positive dog training solutions? This way, you get to experience a lot of positive results without breaking a sweat.

Furthermore, it’s also wise that you make use of appropriate training tools and equipment. Naturally, you’ll have to present them to your pet appropriately.

Otherwise, you might only instill fear, aggression, and other negative responses. Take things slowly but do things in the right manner. Don’t expect your dog to immediately grasp all the things you want him to do.

Refrain from employing unpleasant punitive measures; don’t get silly enough to yell at your pet or scold and hit him.

Instead of passing out distressing punishments, try to start with inculcating the sense of right and wrong to ensure that your Great Dane pet will understand what is expected of him.

He will know very well what he is required to do, and which things or habits to keep away from. Unacceptable behaviors are also less likely to develop if you deal with your pet properly.

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Great Dane Training: 5 Training Courses To Get Done With

Are you aware of what Great Dane training course or program to take on? Are you aware of the numerous dog training lessons that you should teach your pet?

Perhaps this is your first time training a Great Dane dog. If you are wondering what Great Dane training courses to consider and accomplish, then equip yourself with the following information:

Obedience Training

This kind of training is perhaps the one thing that you wouldn’t want to skip. In essence, obedience training is the right way to teach your pet which commands or house rules to follow. You’ll be able to help your Great Dane grow to be obedient and well-mannered.

It is actually through this kind of training that you get to have a rather impressive dog. The sooner you can achieve proper obedience training, the easier and more pleasant it gets to take control of your great dog regardless of the situation.

Great Dane training for obedience includes the introduction and mastery of sit-stay, come, down, and other fundamental obedience commands.

Behavior Training

Dog training for behavior modification is normally undertaken when your Great Dane pet is becoming rather aggressive, dominant, stubborn, or disobedient.

As the name signifies, this type of training was designed to correct or avoid behavior problems that generally bring about a variety of accidents.

While some folks perform this kind of training only when their dog attempts to exhibit undesirable behaviors, some dog owners make the most of such training so as to inculcate the sense of right and wrong to their pets.

If behavior training is given priority, then your Great Dane pet is not as likely to show behavior problems like aggression.

Crate Training

Almost everyone crate train their pets as a method of confinement when need be.

As for Great Dane owners, crate training is really needed and advantageous; it helps them get a grip on their dogs should they misbehave or come to be aggressive and destructive.

Crate training a Great Dane is also a good way to prevent serious behavior problems such as separation anxiety.

At the same time, such training is also the main factor to effective housebreaking. If you want your Great Dane dog to grow satisfied, well-behaved, and reliable, then do crate training as early as you can.

 Housebreaking or Potty Training

Potty training should actually be associated with your crate training routines. It is best to make use of crate training so as to enforce the right toilet habits and schedule.

You get to teach your dog to regulate his bladder and help him become accustomed to doing his business in a designated place. And so, several “accidents” are less likely to occur.

 Leash Training

It is through leash training that you could ascertain leadership, trust, respect, and discipline to your great big dog. A properly leash-trained Great Dane is more well-behaved, sociable and trustworthy.

It could also be your option to improve your socialization routines. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can train your dog to behave even without a leash on?

Don’t you want a Great Dane pet that has learned how to heel, and one that doesn’t pull on the leash or walk ahead of you?

Great Dane training can’t be thought of as a success if leash training is not given priority. Hence, make it a point that you can carry out an enjoyable and successful leash training endeavor.

Martin Webster is a writer of numerous straightforward but reliable Great Dane dog training guidelines and methods. He can supply you with a lot of effective and reliable Great Dane dog training information and resources.

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