Dog Training Quotes (5) that Will Inspire You to Succeed & Get Your Brain in Gear

Dog Training Quotes

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Dog Training Quotes

On this page, you will find a series of dog training quotes that can in many cases help you in your personal experience of training with your dog.

Remembering that every animal is special and unique, right after each quote you will find a brief explanation on how you can use the quote in the daily relationship with your pet.

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Dog Training Quotes by Ivan Balabanov

Here are some quotes from Ivan Balabanov 2 times dog training world champion. He won both of them with the dogs he bred.

There is no point to practice when you are not ready to learn.

The teaching here is very simple though often overlooked by dog owners: “Are you sure your pet is ready to learn that specific thing you want?” Sometimes the dog is too young or too old to follow your specific teaching, or the breed of dog to which it belongs cannot do without a specific behavior.

For example, wanting to teach a Golden Retriever to stop digging altogether is nonsense because digging is in its DNA! So you can only teach them to dig in the right places: in a corner of the garden, or, if you don’t have a garden, in a box full of dirt in the closet.

Just because a dog is not giving you the response you’re looking for, doesn’t mean he is a hard dog.

Again what you are being told with this quote is very simple: don’t be too strict when training your dog. If he doesn’t react to training the way you want him to, the reasons may be varied, and the cause may not be the dog’s ill will.

For example, the animal may not understand exactly what you are asking of him, and you will have to be patient and explain it back to him in different ways.

Or the dog is sick for some reason, is ill, and therefore does not react positively to the stimulus.

Or again: the animal was poorly trained when it was small and now struggles to modify behavior it learned through initial imprinting.

There are many other causes of the dog not responding to your teaching. Ultimately it is up to you, perhaps with the help of an experienced trainer, to find the one that is preventing your dog from learning.

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Dog training is a never-ending process of evolving.

Patience is the keyword in this case: don’t rush to define your dog’s character in a negative way if he doesn’t respond positively to your training. There are developmental times that must be respected!

Your dog may not be able to respond to what you teach him for a period of time, until he can evolve, he will not make a mental “quantum leap” and then he will easily learn what you teach him.

If the dog does not perform well, living a good life, being well-fed, and with social interactions, the training system is flawed.

This is clear enough without any further explanation… Once you have ensured that the dog is doing well, has been bred correctly, and is well socialized, you just have to ask yourself if the dog training method you are using is really valid.

Accumulation of information does not mean you actually know.

This is a great little truth that applies to humans, but also to dogs: you can have all the information in the world about something, but “really knowing” and especially “knowing how to do” is quite another thing. As they say, “Practice is worth more than grammar” and never exclude that your teaching of the dog is not lacking in the practical aspect.

For this reason, it is often necessary the intervention of an expert dog trainer who knows how to make concrete the experience of the animal with regard to the various desired behaviors.

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