6 Easy Ways to Find a Good Dog Training Professional & Have a Head Start with Your Puppy or Dog

Dog Training Professional

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Finding the right dog training professional isn’t easy as it seems. With so many people advertising in the field of professional dog training today, trying to determine who’s truly qualified to look after your dog can be overwhelming.

How to Find the Right Dog Training Professional

6 Easy Ways to Find a Good Dog Training Professional & Have a Head Start with Your Puppy or Dog 1Here’s what to look for when choosing a professional to help you with dog training:

1) A good reputation, ask around and get recommendations from your vet, other dog owners, or local kennel clubs.

2) Experience. – Inquire about their background, i.e. number of years experience.

3) A genuine love of and devotion to dogs.

4) Extensive and up-to-date knowledge. Dedicated dog trainers keep themselves updated by attending dog training and animal behavior courses, conferences, seminars, and workshops.

5) Their dog training method and handling skills. A good trainer’s first concern should be the dog’s well-being.

6) Memberships with reputable associations, organizations, and training clubs.

General dog obedience tips

Training should be a positive and enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. If you are not in the right mood for training, don’t even begin.

Always reward your dog for obeying your commands promptly! A reward is anything that your dog wants and is willing to work for.  Treats are an obvious reward but other rewards could be verbal praise and toys.

Several shorter sessions are usually better than one long one.

Training should not involve any negative components or punishment. There should be no shouting, no hitting or smacking, no chain jerking on choke chains or collars, and absolutely no electric shocking! Each training session should be enjoyable and positive with rewards for jobs well done.

Training with head collars

Pulling on the lead is one of the few unpleasant experiences of bringing up a new puppy or dog.

Using a head collar for dog training has become very popular over the last few years. Training with a head collar does have some advantages over the traditional training collar.

Although very simple to use, it is important that headcollars are fitted correctly and your dog properly introduced to the collar. Headcollars are generally more intuitive to use than a traditional training collar. Headcollars are very effective when controlling dogs in difficult situations.

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More Tips On How To Select The Right Dog Training Professional

Dachshund Behavior TrainingYou should know how integral the steps are in choosing a dog obedience trainer. Your dog is like a child who will be going to school and spending the day with his teacher. Thus, you must ensure that the institution will be convenient for your pet and that he will be comfortable with the trainer.

You see, obedience training classes must not be educational alone but also fun for most of the part. If your pet enjoys the classes, then, he is more likely to learn the commands easily.

When looking around for a dog training professional, it matters that you know who to trust and what to look for. After all, anybody can call themselves dog trainers and present their business cards to you.

Know What You are Looking for

To ensure that your dog is going to get the best training that will correct his unpleasant behavior, the dog training professional must have the necessary knowledge on how to do things.

First, look into his certification and how he was able to get it. He has to be certified through some specialized organizations which actually train dogs in line with services work.

Beware though because there are too many online courses these days that promote a short-term course for a certain fee and then provide the certification to individuals. Always ask the dog obedience trainer himself about the certifications that he has and how he obtained them.

Verify the number of years that the trainer has been doing it professionally

There is a difference between trainers that train dogs as a matter of a hobby and those that do it as a profession. Although the years will not actually determine the capacity of a trainer to educate a dog, it will still reflect something about his passion in his chosen profession.

Check out the license of the trainer

Is he a licensed individual? Does his business meet all of the requirements of the city, the country, and the state? Does he adhere to the federal regulations? All of these should be met before you can completely put your trust in him.

Determining the Dog Trainer’s Teaching Methods

For you to be able to be familiar with the teaching methods, it is important that you attend the trainer’s class. Observe how the clients and their dogs react to the methods used.

The dog training professional should not only be accommodating, kind, and polite to the human students but to the dogs as well. Learning must be fun for all human and animal clients.

The trainer should also give out clear instructions and provide assistance whenever necessary.

An honest dog training professional will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the methods used. Check out the facilities and equipment used. Bullying the dogs is a big NO and the training methods should not cause the dogs to get stressed and become agitated.

The dog training professional should make sure that the environment where the sessions are to be held is safe for the dog’s health. Some vaccines may also be required so the dog will be in the best physical condition.

These are just some of the essential guidelines that you must apply when choosing a dog training professional. Keep them in mind and have the best behavioral training for your pet.

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