Dog Training Issues From A to Z: What Are the Most Tough Problems the Owner Has to Face? New! [October 2021]

Dog Training Issues

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Here’s a comprehensive post, describing everything there is to know about the most common dog training issues from A to Z. Hopefully it will allow you to ​tackle this important topic from a bird’s eye view.

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A: Aggressive Dog Behavior

This type of behavior occurs when the dog attacks someone or even threatens to attack. Of course, it is one of the most dangerous behaviors a dog can engage in and should be treated preventively.

The signs of aggression that the animal shows are quite obvious: growling, stiffening, showing teeth, etc..

It is advisable to get help from a professional dog trainer to correct this attitude because it is very risky, both for the owner and his family and for strangers. Click here to visit the Doggy Dan page to learn how to “transform your dog into a well-behaved, obedient furry friend.” 

For more information you can visit the page below:

Aggressive Dog Training: Sterling Advice on How to Face This Dog Behavior in 6 Articles (& 4 videos!)

A: Agility – Dog Agility Training

Learn more about this topic on the following page:

Dog Agility Training – (Almost) Every Tip & Trick You Should Own [With 3 Videos!]

B: Barking – Stop Excessive Dog Barking

Barking is a behavior of your dog that can be useful sometimes to warn you of danger. If, however, the dog does not stop almost immediately when you intervene, this is a problem.

Then there is the hysterical barking during a thunderstorm or towards objects that the dog finds dangerous. Also in this case, if the animal does not stop, you have to seek the help of an expert.

You can easily find it online in Doggy Dan who has developed a dog training method with hundreds of inspiring videos. You can summarize the treatment he proposes in a short sentence:

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7 Ways to Rid Yourself of Excessive Dogs Barking

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B: Biting – Stop Excessive Dog Biting

This is one of the most common dog training issues.

Puppy Biting Behavior – How to Stop It (Once & for All!) – 5 Articles

C: Crate Training

Crate Training Puppies and Dogs: Learn the Basics & More! (6 Articles to Make Up Your Mind)

C: Chewing – Stop Dog Excessive Chewing

Expert Advice to Stop Dog Chewing Once & for All – Effective Tips in 5 Articles!

D: Digging

Digging is a rather common behavior among dogs, almost all of them are “excavators”! It would be wrong to forbid this natural behavior on your pet. So, the best thing to do is to address their desire to dig an appropriate spot in the garden. Otherwise, you can also create inside the house a box with some earth inside, where the dog can dig.

E: Emotional Support Dog Training

Service Dogs, Working Dogs, Therapy Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs: What’s the Difference?

F: Fearful Dogs

Fearful Dogs: Learn How to Help Them Change Their Mind (5 Insightful Articles Full of Proven Tips!)

G: Grooming Tips

Dog Grooming Tips in 6 Articles & 3 Videos

H: House Training/Housebreaking

House Training 101 – Basic Dog House Training Advice

J: Jumping – Stop Dog Jumping on People

Puppy Jumping Up? Here’s the Right Puppy Training Method (#1!)…

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K: K9 Dog Training

L: Leash Training

Leash Training Tips and Tricks: 5 Articles (And 3 Inspiring Videos!!!)

L: LickingTraining

Dog Licking Excessively – Methods to Get Rid of This Annoying Habit (4 Articles))

M: Mouthing Behavior

This is a pretty common dog behavior, especially for puppies. It’s not aggressive behavior as someone may think! Normally the dog takes your hand or finger inside his mouth without biting. Despite the positive intention of the puppy, an accident can happen and you can get bitten involuntarily.

To solve this dog behavior issue (as many others) you can follow the Doggy Dan Program by clicking here. You will learn how to transform your dog’s behavior through 100s of insightful videos!

O: Online Dog Training

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P: Potty Training a Puppy

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P: Puppy Training

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Q: Quiet Command Training

R: Recall Training

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S: Socialization

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S: Separation Anxiety

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T: Toilet Training

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V: Videos for Dog Training

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W: Walking a Dog

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X: Xolo Dog

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Y: Yorkie Dog Training

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Z: Zak George’s Dog Training

Dog Training Issues – More Resources

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