Dog Socialization 101: Get the Upper Hand Teaching Your Dog To Interact With People, Dogs & Other Animals

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Dog socialization is a crucial issue when you begin to train your puppy or your adult dog. In this post we address some basic questions that a novice dog owner must necessarily find answers to.

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To bring up an intelligent and obedient dog that carries out all the owner’s commands, you need training. In many cities, there are special training courses conducted by professional dog handlers.

But since this service costs money and, as a rule, is more often in demand among breeders of elite dog breeds prepared for various competitions and exhibitions, many owners train animals at home, resorting to simple and understandable recommendations of specialists.

This article will guide you on the basics of dog training methods and techniques to socialize a dog with people.

Why Carry Out Dog Behavior Training

Any dog, like a child, needs education. Untrained dogs do not obey the owner, spoil various things in the house, go anywhere to the toilet, run away on a walk, chase cats and mongrels, and generally cause their owner a lot of trouble and problems. So that your dog behaves culturally, unquestioningly fulfills all the given commands, understands his place in the house, and does not commit stupid acts while walking, you need to train it on how to socialize with people.

Where To Train Your Dog

Dog training involves teaching the animal commands. The simplest and most common: “Sit”, “Lie down”, “Stand”, “Next”, “To me”, “Voice”, “Place”, “Give a paw”, “Fu!” and etc. It is desirable to choose a place that is calm and spacious. It is important that it is familiar to the pet. There should be no other animals nearby that will distract the dog. The presence of strangers is also undesirable. The dog should be completely carried away by the owner and concentrate on your speech and not on extraneous sounds.

How Often To Carry Out Dog Socialization Training

grumpy dog socializationIt is recommended to train your dog every day. The duration of the first lessons is 30-40 minutes, and then the time increases to 1-1.5 hours. If a puppy is trained up to 6 months of age, the duration of the lessons should not exceed 15-20 minutes.

If the owner has the opportunity to register the dog for training in a specialized club, you can agree on 1-2 lessons per week. The owner can follow the training process, memorize different nuances, and on other days independently train the animal at home, honing the skills acquired by the dog.

At What Age Can You Conduct Puppy Socialization Training?

Some experts recommend starting dog training at 6-7 months. However, according to experienced breeders, many dog ​​breeds are ready for training as early as 3-4 months of age.

Puppies lend themselves well to training, quickly train and remember commands well. Smart and obedient dogs grow out of them.

Preparing For Training: Where To Start

For dog training to have positive results, you need the right preparation for the training process. You should start with the preparation of the dog.

Recommendations For Preparing The Animal:

1. Before training, do not feed the dog, because after feeding it must rest. In addition, active movements on a full stomach increase the likelihood of volvulus and other gastrointestinal problems.

2. Before training, the owner needs to establish contact with the dog, play with it, pet.

3. In order for the dog to fully concentrate on the training process, you must first let him go to the toilet to satisfy his natural needs.

4. To train a dog on the street, you will need some items of ammunition: a soft leather collar, a leash (length from 1 to 15 meters), a treat for motivation, and a reward for following commands. Dogs of medium and large breeds will also need a muzzle.

Can An Adult Dog Be Trained?

Many people think that it is impossible to teach an adult dog command, but this opinion is erroneous. With the right approach in training, even an elderly animal can be raised and disciplined. The only caveat: training dogs with already well-established behavior and character is a long process that requires perseverance, patience, and self-control from the owner. It is unacceptable to show aggression; only friendly contact will induce the animal to carry out the owner’s instructions.

In conclusion, to train your dog on how to interact with people well by stoping jumping, licking, and being aggressive to them, you need a well-experienced trainer. Inexperienced dog breeders often make mistakes when training pets. This makes the learning process difficult or does not give results at all.

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