Dog Off Leash Training: Walking a Pack Of 6 Dogs Without A Leash [Video]

He’s a real master of dog off leash training!
Augusto De Oliveira is the real leader of the pack… In this video he can walk as far as 6 unleashed German Shepherd dogs obediently at his heels.
He’s a gifted dog trainer and create sensation everywhere he goes.
He walks with confidence at the head of his huge packs of dogs.
Originally from Brazil, Augusto lives in Hyannis, USA.
However he was lucky to grow up surrounded by dogs on a farm in Brazil where he learned to lead several dogs with training. He claims to be able to lead up to 15 dogs wihout using the leash.
This video boasts more than 15 millions view and is really impressive. Augusto positioned himself as the leader of the pack and has complete control of his dogs.
dog off leash
COMMENTATOR: But today he’s raising the stakes by attempting to repeat the feat on the busy city streets.
Augusto Deoliveira grew up on a farm in Brazil with a dozens of dogs, and he learned from a young age to communicate with them.
Today he lives breathes and even sleeps with his pack, as part of his work running Griffin Shepard Kennels.
AUGUSTO: My dogs know me as part of the pack, I spend a lot of time with them, I feed them, I let them out, I exercise them, I do everything
with them.
COMMENTATOR: Augusto’s landlady Cynthia is amazed
by what she sees every day.
01:01 CYNTHIA: I believe Augusto has a gift and
his dogs, all dogs, not only his, respond amazingly to Augusto.
COMMENTATOR: To test his training, Augusto has decided to try the unleashed pack, walking in a busy environment the dogs aren’t used to.
AUGUSTO: Today I’m taking my pack for a walk in Boston, Massachusetts. Sit Hannah. I have Hannah, Genna, Harmony, Griffin, Pricilla and Savannah today. I start with my dogs on the leash to get them used to the position we have to walk in, and to stay by my side before I allow them off leash.
COMMENTATOR: And then one by one Augusto lets the dogs off their leads. Keeping each one under control in the distracting environment.
AUGUSTO: And as you can see they have to remain positions unless I change them.
COMMENTATOR: Eventually all six German Shepards and successfully walking to heel. And the dogs are proving to be a big
hit with the Bostonians.
WOMAN: I would love to have a dog as well behaved as those, I have two dogs that are horribly behaved and this would be amazing but I don’t think I can ever replicate what he does. You can tell that these dogs are amazingly well trained, they’re calm, he has complete control of them.
AUGUSTO: I love spending time with my dogs, just feel like there’s so much I can do with them, I can spend time training them, I can spend time just taking them places, I can spend time playing with them I never get tired of it.
COMMENTATOR: After a hard days work the pack grab
the first chance they can for a well earned nap.
CYNTHIA: Dogs had fun?
AUGUSTO: Yeah they’re all tired as you can see. Time for bed.

The Online Dog Trainer Course – A Review

How to Start Dog Off Leash Training – First Step (1 Week)

The place to start training your dog to walk on his side without a leash must be outdoors, rather quiet and protected, i.e. it does not put your dog at risk in case of an escape. 

  • Start walking with your dog on a leash, stretching the rope as far as possible.

  • Walk for ten minutes without pulling on the leash.

  • If the dog has respected the owner, give the animal as much time of freedom

How to Start Dog Off Leash Training – Second Step (3 Weeks)

The next step is to work in freedom

  • Find a quiet outdoor place, where the dog can’t run away.

  • Let the dog loose, always keeping him under control, never letting him out of your sight.

  • Call him back

  • If the dog responds to command, reward him

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