Dog Halloween Costumes 2021: Before Choosing One of Them Be Sure Your Dog Will Be Happy to Wear It!

dog Halloween costumes

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On this page you can read a post about dog Halloween costumes and whether or not to let your pet wear them.

Evaluating the Opportunity of Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching and you might be thinking of dressing up your dog for the occasion. Will this be a good idea?

There are plenty of dog costumes on the market as you can see for yourself online, for example by clicking here.

You will find costumes for dogs as a superhero, as another animal, like fruit, as a monster, and so on and so forth!

You’ll be spoilt for choice, but unfortunately, you have to consider another issue:

  • Will your dog like this?

  • Is he willing to be put in a mask?

  • Will he not feel mocked or humiliated?

It is not easy to answer these questions in a general way, because every dog is different. To know the right thing to do, you need to initially do some trial and error and see how your pet reacts when you make him wear a Halloween outfit (or any other garment).

Maybe you’ve never dressed him up in any way and it will be a total novelty for him!

GET HELP! If you need help with all of this you can read the excellent post “Is it Cruel to Dress Up Your Dog for Halloween?”, written by Doggy Dan, by clicking here.

Dog Halloween Costumes 2021: Some New Ideas

Purple Witch Dog CostumePurple Witch Dog Costume

A costume for “The most powerful charmer”…

This sparkly witch dress couldn’t be any more adorable.

The dress has a corset-style top and fluffs out into a puffy dress that would cause quite the stir in Salem.

The sheer netting, satin, and velvet texture create a lush look that’ll make your dog proud.

It’s topped with a pointy hat with a little veil to announce your pup’s magical skills as soon as she trots into the room.

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Monarch Butterfly Dog CostumeMonarch Butterfly Dog Costume

This adorable set of detachable wings stay on with the soft base and straps, and the matching cap fits over their noggin and features soft antennae.

This Pet Halloween costume fits both big & small dogs and cats.

Even if your furry friend doesn’t secretly dream of being a butterfly, they’ll still be the cutest critter ever, and that will probably get them what they’re actually dreaming about!

Hint: it’s probably either treats or belly rubs…

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Hipster Pet Wizard ScarfHipster Pet Wizard Scarf

It’s time to elevate the magic (and fashion) of your precious pup with this Hipster Pet Wizard Scarf.

We’ve scoured the world of Wizards and Hipsters alike to locate the ultimate in magical doggo fashion.

Now, we’re not saying this gold and red scarf is going to teach your four-legged friend how to chat you up, but it’ll definitely make everyone else want to give ’em a nice scratch behind the ear!

Complete the look with our matching Hipster Wizard glasses and it’ll be magic!

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