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Choosing the Dog Gender: Male or Female? Between the 2 Who’s the Best Friend for You & Your Family?

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Which dog gender is better to choose? Male or female?

Some dog owners claim that males are typically more aggressive and destructive, particularly in small spaces.

Female dogs are said to be easier to train and more affectionate.

Depending on the dog breed, these stereotypes may be true or not.

Choosing a female dog means either taking the initiative to spay, or deal with the issue of the dog being in heat.

Failure to take action for doggie birth control means that you’re constantly trying to find homes for cute litters of puppies.

Female dogs don’t have menopause, so unlike the human female, dogs can have puppies practically all their lives.

You’ll spend weeks every year trying to guard your female from males who can catch the scent from blocks away.

On the other hand, if you have a pure-bred dog that you want to breed, then having a female dog can become a financial advantage.

Choosing a Dog Gender – Issues with Male Dogs

Dog Gender - How to Choose Between a Male and Female DogMale dogs insist on marking their territory, whether it’s around your house or in the yard.

They do this by urinating on their “spot” so they can find it again. 

You can try to train a dog not to mark his territory, but you’re asking him to go against his instincts.

If you have another male dog in the house, expect a battle for who rules the house, particularly if both want to be alpha dogs.

Even a smaller male dog will challenge or irritate the larger male – just to prove who was in the house first.

Dogs of opposite genders tend to get along better than dogs of the same gender. While female dogs are not as vicious toward each other as male dogs, some females don’t want to share their space with another dog.

Choosing a Dog – Female Dogs Are Easier…

Dog gender is not 100% decisive…

Ok, female dogs are generally easier to house train than male dogs, but that can vary by breed and by the skill of the dog trainer.

Male dogs are seen as more lively and active, but certain breeds are “high strung” in both males and females.

Ask the average person shopping for a dog and you’ll find many are looking for a female dog. They probably believe the notion that female dogs are less aggressive and easier to train.

However, they forget that female dogs can be highly temperamental. Breeders tend to favor male dogs as an easier pet to manage

Dog gender isn’t the only predictor (or even a good predictor) of how a dog will behave.

Breeds that are known to be calm and tolerant, tend to be that way whether male or female. Other breeds that are feisty, nippy and difficult to handle are that way for males and females.

Choosing a Dog – Conclusions

This choice is a classic dilemma that many dog lovers have during the purchase:

  • Is the male dog or the female dog better?
  • Which one gives fewer problems?
  • Which is easier to educate?

Even without being so specific, the question that the new buyer asks himself is: which one do I take? and for what reason?

Probably you know it already, but it is always good to repeat and highlight it:

Each dog has a different character!

Dog Genders & Dog Breeds

Therefore, before wondering whether it is preferable to choose the male or the female, it would be good to evaluate the dog breed that best suits our needs, our lifestyle and the environment in which it will be found.

Once we have identified the breed we will have a good starting point.

In fact, although every dog breed has its own peculiarities (which normally the serious breeder tries to maintain), we will protect ourselves from unexpected “surprises”.

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