10 Effective Ways to Face Dog Allergies Symptoms & Dog Allergies Reactions [Get New Ideas!]

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For as long as I can remember I have had several dog allergies symptoms.

They make my eyes water, my skin itch and/or burn, hives start showing up.

I begin having issues breathing and I find myself sneezing.

For a very long time, I had no idea what was going on.

One day it clicked every time I was near a dog these symptoms appeared and that was when I started to wonder what the connection with dogs these symptoms I had going on.

I thought this was game over and I couldn’t be anywhere near most dogs, but I was wrong.

I began researching and talking to my mom and it turned out she was also allergic to dogs, as well.

She began to talk to me about ways to treat and reduce my allergic reactions over the coming days and weeks.

How to Deal with Dog Allergies Symptoms

It turns out that there are many ways to take care of this. I felt like a weight had been lifted from me, and that I was going to be able to live in the world without having to worry as much as I was.

I set to work learning all I could about how to deal with allergic reactions to dogs, and as it turns out there are a lot of ways to take care of dog allergies.

In fact, a lot of people have to deal with this issue, it’s really quite common and I’m wasn’t alone.

Expose Yourself to Dogs Little by Little

One thing that can be done is you can slowly expose yourself to dogs little by little until your allergies get used to them.

This doesn’t mean go into a room full of dogs and sit there for a long period of time.

This method doesn’t work for everyone because some people have more severe reactions that they might die if they even tried doing this for any amount of time.

So just make sure that if you have an issue and you feel like something bad is going to happen do not continue to do this at all.

Keep Your Dogs Super Clean!

Another way you can deal with dog allergies is to keep the dogs you are around super clean.

I have baby wiped them in the past and they also make special dog wipes for this type of thing.

Washing_a_dog_in_a_bath_tubYou could also bathe the dogs daily, as well.

This gets rid of a lot of the dander which is one of the main causes of most dog allergies.

This might not be perfect, but it will help reduce dog allergies symptoms.

While this can help it will add up in cost and won’t work for everyone because there are so many different kinds of dog allergies.

Keep Your Dogs Outside of Your Apartment

I also don’t keep dogs in my apartment so that I have less to worry about that way.

Of course, people come to my apartment who have dogs and they bring in their dander with them, and it gets stuck to their clothes and hair.

When this happens I have to vacuum my apartment and wipe everything down that they touched while they were here, and more often than not my problem is solved.

This doesn’t require much effort on my part.

With allergies, I have always kept my place cleaner so that I can have an easier time breathing, and it makes me less itchy in general.

Using Inhalers to Cope with Dog Allergies Symptoms

Sometimes you can use inhalers to help you breathe. They come in many different kinds.

They usually have steroids in them to help open your lungs.

This, in turn, keeps me from wheezing and coughing as much.

Sometimes when my lungs are tightening up that is the only thing I can do.

Sometimes if I am dying and unable to breathe it will give me relief and it can be the difference between life and death.

Using EpiPen to Lessen Dog Allergies Symptoms

Epi-Pen for dog allergies

You can also use an EpiPen.

These are little shots of epinephrine, which is a chemical that makes your blood vessels narrower and reopens the lungs so they can breathe much better during an allergy attack from a dog.

Some of the other things that can happen are the blood pressure can slow back down, help calm down the wheezing, help with the itching, and/or hives that come along with a dog allergy.

You can also use things like Benedryl, Claratin, Zytec, Allegra and other antihistamines of this kind.

These come in pill form and you have to take a set amount each day, or as needed.

They will help block your dog allergies and help you to be around dogs for a bit longer.

I swear by these and I use them every day. Just make sure to read the label closely as some of them you can’t eat or drink certain things if you are using them long term.

They are not a fix-all and they will not suddenly take away your dog allergy, as nice as that would be. I still have issues being around dogs when I have taken them. They can help lessen the symptoms and again they will block some of the things that cause allergy attacks.

Using a Mask to Deal with Dog Allergies Symptoms

This next one is another one that I have used many times: you can use a mask. I have a reusable cloth one made by Vogmask.

You can really use any brand you want to use.

However, a regular medical one will work. This will help keep the dog dander, the part of the dog that you are irritated by away from your nose and mouth.

You will breathe in less dander.

Like all of these, it’s not perfect and you might still have an issue, however, you will still see a very large improvement and you won’t feel as bad as you would without one.

This is why everyone who is allergic to dogs should keep a mask near them or with them at all times.

Dealing with Dog Allergies Symptoms with Oxygen Tents/Tanks (Warning!)

Some people also use oxygen tents/tanks. These are exactly as they sound.

They simply give you extra oxygen when your lungs can’t produce enough on their own during an allergy attack from being around dogs.

This might be important if you are having an allergy reaction to a dog and might be unable to breathe.

If you are coughing or feel your airways tighten this might help you to get the oxygen that you are unable to get because your lungs are closed off.

This should not be used, except under very serious circumstances and only if a doctor says it’s ok for you to use this type of thing.

If this is used wrong something bad could happen to you.

Getting Help From Allergy Shots

You can also go get allergy shots to help you with your dog allergies.

I think these are just another type of antihistamine. Some people have to give themselves these shots every single day.

There are others who go and get them once a month or however often they are told by their doctors to get them.

These can be the difference between life and death for so many people.

Taking a Showere to Lessen Dog Allergies Symptoms

Sometimes simply taking a shower after being exposed to dogs can drastically help my allergies. This one is simple, but it works really well if your dog allergies aren’t too bad.

It washes off the dander and helps clear out my lungs with the steam that is coming from the warm water in the shower.

Steam can reopen your airways and it might relax you enough to be able to breathe again. If your airways are open it will be more comfortable and much easier for you to be able to breathe.

Going to ER for Severe Dog Allergies Reactions

If you continue to have symptoms the best thing to do is to either go to urgent care of the Emergency Room.

They have more things that they can do for you there than you can do for yourself at home since they are professionals.

After you are exposed to a dog if you are allergic please keep an eye on your symptoms.

If they last a very long time or they don’t go away do not waste time and get checked out by a health professional. I just want to make sure that everyone out there is going to keep on living.

Conclusion About Dog Allergies Symptoms Treatment

These are just some of the few ways that you can help your dog allergies.

The ones discussed here are some that I have tried. Some of them work much better than other ones.

A lot of this, like anything else, is going to be trial and error.

Everyone has a different and unique body so you might find that what you do is very different from what I do.

It might also not be exactly the same each time you have a dog allergy attack. Here are the variables to consider:

  • the type of dog
  • the amount of exposure
  • how worn out your body is on any given day
  • if you have had any other allergy symptoms in the last few days
  • even the weather

These are all ways that can be a cause that trigger a dog allergy reaction in your body.

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