Chow Chow Training 2022 – The Utter Importance of Dog Socialization for This Peculiar Breed

Chow Chow Training

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Is Socialization Significant During Chow Chow Training?

They might be large for a toy dog but for certain every owner or even those who do not own this breed would like to cuddle and play with this robust and dense-coated Chow Chow. Their robust and somewhat dominant appearance hides a demeanor most owners are looking for in a pet dog – protective of its owners and good with kids.

This breed should never be aggressive or timid yet owners or possible owners need to bear in mind that dogs, regardless of the breed, do not figure out the right behavior by themselves.

They need their owners to provide effective Chow Chow training and lead them in learning how to behave in desired ways.

Chow Chows, along with other dominant and robust breeds for that matter, require more comprehensive socialization than other less dominant breeds since socialization helps them get accustomed to sights and sounds they might run into.

If they’re accustomed to such things – delivery man, the phone ringing, and siren, for instance, they are less likely to exhibit aggressive behavior that if not curtailed early on will develop into a habit.

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chow chowSocialization must start during puppyhood but if you adopted a grown or adult dog, you will also need to socialize it the same way you’d socialize a puppy.

You need to establish rules and implement them firmly in order to make it clear to your dog that it is not free to do whatever it pleases. Through this, you’re also sending the message that you are the pack leader that should be obeyed and respected.

By establishing your role as the leader of the pack, your sturdy Chow Chow is less likely to show aggressive, dominant, and unruly behavior. Owners have to be confident, firm in handling the dog, and consistent to be considered by the pet as pack leader.

One essential step when socializing a puppy is to let it spend time with the mother and other puppies in the litter because it is during this period that bite inhibition is learned.

Bite inhibition is a reaction wherein a puppy regulates or inhibits the force of its bite so as not to hurt or cause damage to anyone. This period is very crucial to Chow Chow training considering that this breed is said to be related to dog bites.

Socialization should also include introducing them to day-to-day scenarios such as passersby, be it cars or people, delivery men, busy neighbors, and relatives visiting. As such, they’re less likely to feel in danger and make an effort to protect you from these people.

Socialization is very important to every dog and to Chows Chows, it could keep everyone safe.

Laura Coleman believes that this strong dog makes a great family pet as long as given appropriate Chow Chow training. To obtain more tips about Chow Chow training, check out her site regarding this breed.