Buying a Puppy: 5 Articles to Make the Right Purchase (Helpful!)

Buying a puppy

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The Big Decision Of Buying A Puppy

Buying a puppy – who will live for ten to twenty years if all goes well – is a big decision.

Unfortunately, many people conduct this transaction on impulse, seeing a dog at a pet store or even a flea market, auction, or parking lot.

It makes much more sense to deal with a competent and professional breeder with impeccable credentials.

Informal adoptions, getting a dog from a shelter, or patronizing a pet shop will almost invariably mean that you have few details of the actual raising of the animal.

If you want a purebred dog that has bloodlines free from genetic problems and conformational defects, it is vital to know the ancestry for at least three generations back.

Unfortunately, pet shops often use breeders that they have not inspected, such as making sure the animals are treated well. Regular news reports of raids on “puppy farms” show that there are many unscrupulous people in the industry of providing puppies for sale.

It is hard to believe, but there are many irresponsible people that keep breeding dogs in inhumane and even cruel situations.

There are many positives to going to a breeder’s home looking for a puppy. One such positive is that you will be able to see what other types of dogs the breeder has.

Many breeders have a small number of dogs who live in the house with them just like any other pet, which allows for more tender, love and care. And not only will you know that all dogs are cared for properly, but you can have conformation for yourself that the parent dogs are passing good characteristics along to their descendants.

If you want a dog and decide not to adopt one of a shelter – and regulations sometimes seem designed to discourage prospective adopters – it is best to find a reputable breeder.

To find track records of breeders in your area you can get references from recognized breed organizations. Start with an online search for local clubs or organizations and work from there.

There are also national organizations that fund research and offer certifications of good health after examining breeding dogs and puppies. These examinations are for such things as hip and elbow conformation and eye health.

Breeders will have all the vet records and certificates. You will want to be sure that your dog is healthy and not from a line that may be prone to genetic deficiency or deformity.

There are other things to consider when buying a puppy; such as how much energy you have to give it, proper exercise, entertainment, how much time you have to spend with it, and how many years you have to commit to the relationship.

Many owners have provisions in their wills for the care of their pets, showing how seriously they take this responsibility. Taking the same care before choosing a dependent companion makes just as much sense.

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Buying a Puppy from a Pet Shop: What You Need to Know

If you are thinking about getting a new dog, I bet you have a lot of questions running through your mind right now. One of these questions is likely to be:

Is a pet store the right place to buy a puppy? That’s a big question and we will cover it in this article. We will also talk about what you really need to pay attention to when doing so.

Usually, when you buy a dog from a pet store, the dog will come with a lot of information about his past.

Getting your dog’s health history is one of the most important things for you to make sure you do. If a pet store does not have this history available, turn around and leave.

At pet stores, there should also be knowledgeable employees who can give you advice on what breed might suit you the best. After all, not every dog breed will match your family’s lifestyle. So get some recommendations in before you choose a dog.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t just buy the first cute puppy you see. Doing research on the respective pet shop is absolutely essential. Research the history of the shop and what breeds they are known for selling.

This will ensure that you do not accidentally buy a dog from an awful pet shop. Also keep your mind open for other options such as other pet shops, kennels, or even private breeders.

Again, these options could be a good idea, too. Whatever you do, though, make sure that you find yourself a four-legged friend that matches your lifestyle and will feel comfortable in your home.

This will ensure that both of you will be happy and comfortable in this newfound relationship. Keeping these tips in mind will surely help you bring home your new puppy in the future.

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Adopting Or Buying A Puppy

Buying A PuppyMany people love pets and when it comes to selecting a new family member, you will have many choices as far as where you can go to find the perfect pet.

Not only will you look at adoption centers, but you may also look into pet stores or breeders.

It is vital that you understand how these facilities work when it comes to buying a puppy.

First of all, there are plenty of rescue and adoption centers around the nation that are constantly offering dogs and puppies for adoption.

And while it is always great if you find the pup or dog you want and get it from an adoption center, there are some breeds and sizes that can be hard to find at these types of facilities.

If you are looking for that special one and cannot find it, it is time to start looking into other options. First of all, many people may turn to a pet store to find the one they want.

While sometimes this may be a good avenue, most of the time it is not. As a rule, many pet stores buy their pets in bulk, and this means most have come from puppy mills.

This title is usually given to any breeder who is after producing the most profit from their dogs. It is not about the fun of having puppies in the house like it is for a hobby breeder, or producing the Best of Breed at a dog show like a show breeder looks for, it is about money.

The dogs are kept in crates or kennels their whole breeding life, producing litter after litter with no human contact except for breeding, whelping, feeding and cleaning. In fact, the only thing this type of breeder is interested in is whether the female has a lot of puppies.

Pet store puppies and dogs are coming from somewhere; most of the time the animals are coming from a breeder that is selling the puppies as soon as they are old enough to eat dog food.

They never take into consideration whether the puppies are old enough to be on their own. Neither do they take into consideration how the Mom and Dad are treated or whether the pup has ever had any attention.

The financial rewards for breeding dogs can be considerable and there is always someone who wants to capitalize on that no matter the consequences of the dogs.

Make sure you’re buying your puppy from a reputable breeding facility, not a puppy mill. Supporting pet stores that purchase from these mills is encouraging the exploitation of the parents of your new puppy.

When it comes to finding that special one, looking at buying a puppy can be a good choice. Just make sure you take the time to research the breed you want, research the person selling the puppy, and make sure you are not supporting horrific conditions for the parents of your pets.

Better yet, do not purchase your new puppy from a pet store; instead go to a hobby breeder who does it for the fun of raising puppies, or from a show breeder who wants to improve the breed you have chosen.

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Some Reasons For Buying A Puppy From A Breeder

When buying a puppy you will have the option of getting one from a pet store, from a shelter, or from a breeder. Let’s quickly identify some of the main reasons why you might choose this last option.

First and foremost, you will have access to all of the information about the puppy. A good breeder will have all of the information that will need to make a sound decision as to which dog you would like to purchase.

They will be able to tell you what conditions the dogs have been raised in, what type of temperament they have, whether they have had any type of health issue, and anything else that you would need to know.

With a breeder you will be able to meet the parents of your new puppy. This is certainly a benefit and you can often tell a lot about a dog by its parents. You can look at their health, temperament, appearance, and get a great idea as to how your dog might grow up.

When you buy from a breeder you will have absolutely no uncertainties as to how the dog has been raised up to now. You won’t have to be concerned that they have had a troubled life, such as being neglected or abused.

These issues may end up resulting in certain behavioral problems. With a shelter or when purchasing from a pet store, you won’t necessarily have any idea as to how they have been treated.

A breeder will also have references. Any good breeder should provide you with a list of previous customers that they have had if you ask of them.

You will then be able to get in touch with these previous customers and ask them about the dogs that they are now raising. This will give you the opportunity to find out how their puppies are turning out.

If a year or two down the line, you wanted to get another very similar dog then you could go back to the breeder and get a new puppy.

Due to the fact that you will already trust them and know that they are providing excellent breeds, you will not have to worry about finding a new source.

On top of all of this, you will be able to find out about any decent vets in the area who might be appropriate for the specific breed that you are buying. Any breeder should be aware of good vets and this will prevent you from having to do this research yourself.

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What You Need to Know When Buying a Puppy Dog

Beware Of The Impulse Buy

It is hard to resist the appeal of a puppy in a pet shop window, especially if it looks a little bit sad and wistful. These pups have already had a change of home and often a long journey from their original breeder.

Even though they may appear well, they could be carrying infections which may cause problems later on after you’ve taken the puppy home. A reputable pet shop should have the pups vaccinated by a veterinary, who will provide a certificate of inoculation.

A Careful Choice

Whenever possible visit the home of the breeder or the owner of the bitch. You will be able to ensure that your pup came from a clean and healthy home, and also see what the mother is like, and maybe the father too.

When I’ve purchased a dog for myself, I’ve always been lucky enough to see both parents which are very reassuring.

Beware Of Buying From A Newspaper Advertisement

Be particularly careful about buying a pup through a newspaper advertisement, without seeing it first. As the old saying goes ‘buyer beware’ and this applies especially to all kinds of livestock.

If your new dog is ill when it arrives, or quite unlike the promises of the advertisement, you may find it difficult to get any satisfaction. Even in the case of a money-back guarantee, it is very little compensation for the disappointment, especially where there are children involved.

Buying From A Dogs Home

You may decide to get a dog from a dog home. You will have the satisfaction of feeling that you are saving a life and giving some unwanted pet a home. It is well to remember though that young dogs that have been straying for some time may have become hard to manage.

In the case of a bitch she may turn out to be in pup and you will find yourself saddled with rather more dogs than you can manage. Don’t just fall for the first dog that you see, talk to the officials at the home and try to find out the background of the dogs that you find the most appealing.

Choosing A Healthy Pup

It is often difficult for a beginner to distinguish a healthy pup from a poor one – to them, one attractive little bundle of fur looks very much like another – but really there is all the difference in the world.

A healthy pup should be plump, but not have a swollen or blown-up stomach. Its skin should feel loose instead of seeming to stick to the bones. The coat should shine (unless it is a wirehaired type) and of course, be free from fleas or lice.

The eyes should be bright and free from any sign of discharge. In addition, it is wise to choose a pup that looks lively and readily comes to greet people. A timid pup may have a problem personality and be difficult to train.

Finally, don’t be surprised if a reputable dog breeder wants to ask a lot of questions to find out if you are going to be a suitable person to own one of their pups.

Thank you for reading this article – I hope it has been helpful. I’ve based the information on my own dog buying experiences. Author – John Moore – Please use my link.

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