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Bulldog Training

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The Right Guidelines for Bulldog Training

The sofa is the prize place for a bulldog. He loves it when he can just sleep.

Unfortunately, too much sleep and too little exercise can lead to an unhealthy bulldog.

You have to be proactive in getting your dog to exercise. He is stubborn enough to just sit there if you don’t do something to get him up and moving.

This takes your initiative and leadership. If you can start with your bulldog as a puppy and train him to have a period each day for exercise, you will be ahead of the game.

However, don’t overdo it with the bulldog, he is not designed for the races. He was made in such a manner that he only needs a moderate exercise habit.

This comes from his structure. He has a body designed for sitting around and not for running. The lungs of a bulldog are also made in such a manner as to lead to the old panting habit if you push too hard.

Running with that bulldog is not a good idea under normal conditions. He will get out of breath and this will hinder his health, not make it better.

The stress involved in running is more than most bulldogs can really handle.

You should give some attention to the heat if you are planning a walk. If it is too hot your poor dog will overheat and this, too, is a leading cause of heart attacks. When your dog is young, don’t push them up and out too much; allow him time to sleep. This is important for his development. He will love it anyway.

Sleep, exercise, and nutrition are the keys to a great, healthy bulldog, so be sure that he is getting a good diet. This can be done by a little extra time in choosing a dog food.

Bulldogs are great dogs, but they need to be handled in such a way that they get the best care for them. They are not just a dog. They have specific structures and health needs. All it takes is a little research and you will find that you can have a healthy bulldog.

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Bulldog Training – The Best Way to Train a Bulldog Puppy

It takes a great amount of patience, skill, and imagination when training and teaching bulldogs or any other dog that belongs to the bulldog family.

A bulldog is one of the most reliable pets that anyone can have; these bulldogs are very faithful to the owner, dedicated as well as very smart. Just like other pet dogs, bulldogs have their own temper and can be stubborn at times.

However, by learning more about them, their ways, and propensities, you can have the best bulldog there is. Here are some tips when training a bulldog puppy to become gentle and more obedient:

Bulldogs have high energy and they tend to get excited most of the time especially when they see you, their master! You have to consider their size. They are big and bulky and when they jump, they become too overwhelming.

BULLDOG TRAINING TIPSIt’s nice to know that they are warm and happy when you arrive, but jumping and pawing on you is something else.

Their size is intimidating and if you continue to allow them to do so, this becomes a problem later on.

Calling their name by yelling may not be that effective.

The act of yelling can be interpreted as just petting them.

The best thing that you can possibly do, is to move and turn your back, try to fold your arms, and ignore their presence.

When your bulldog stops jumping, you can now pay attention to him and pat him on the back. With this, your smart bulldog will learn the right way of controlling his excitement.

It’s much easier to teach your bulldog puppy when you spend a lot of time with them. They love to curl, cuddle and stay close to you….after a while, they’ll become your shadow!

Another characteristic of bulldogs is their intelligence. This, at times, becomes a disadvantage since they become a bit hard-headed.

When you give some commands and all you get is a “look”, that means, he is still trying to weigh whether to act on the command or not. For others, it may seem stupid but then, the brain is still trying to figure it out. This is a fact of bulldogs that every bulldog owner should know.

When training a bulldog puppy, you have to be strong, determined, patient and most of the time consistent, because bulldogs are usually stubborn by nature.

Your consistency and constancy are key to training your bulldog pup. Keep on training. Do not stop, yet be considerate in giving your pup time and space.

Do not force the issue. Keep the sessions short and sweet like five minutes, to start with. Then, move on to the next level by increasing the time and the complexity of commands. Take a break when you sense that your pup seems tired and could no longer maintain eye contact.

No matter how difficult it is to train your bulldog puppy, it is all worth it. When you see a once stubborn pup grow up to be a well-trained bulldog, it gives a sense of accomplishment. The hard work does pay off. Respect is definitely earned and you will have your best friend for life.

You will find out everything you know about The Care of Bulldog Puppies by visiting our website: Training Bulldogs for the Family.

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English Bulldog Training – The Basics (Video)


Here’s one of the most unique dogs that exist: the English bulldog. This is one of the most genetically selected breeds, in a bid to achieve certain physical attributes, something that has caused them to suffer from various health problems.

In this video, we will outline these problems and also explain what care and training they require.

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Bulldog Training: Off Leash Obedience (Video)

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Bulldog Training – Puppy (Video)

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1910 Recording about Bulldogs by Robert Leighton (Video)

Here’s an interesting audio recording on the Bulldog. Libravox recordings have readings from “Dogs And All About Them”, written by Robert Leighton. The book published in 1910 is one of the best historical accountings of the Bulldog breed that I have come across.

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Ten Tips for Caring for your English Bulldog (Video)

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Bulldog Training Issue: Is It Housebreaking Or Separation Anxiety?

Bulldog Training Question

I adopted Sophie, a 3-year old 60-lb female English Bulldog, four months ago.


The problem is twofold–one, she pees in the house (and occasionally poops, too), and two, being an incredibly strong dog, she easily butts her way out of ANY crate, from airline-style to an all-metal crate (and I even wired the latches shut, and strapped the crate to slider door handles!).

I’ve tried leaving her in an enclosed space, but she busts up everything in the room in an attempt to get to a window (not a door!). She does have a urinary tract infection, and is on her third week of antibiotics to cure it. She hardly drinks any water.

She’s taken out twice in the morning, a neighbor takes her out in the middle of the day, and she goes out twice in the evening. She has a very sweet nature, and is definitely insecure about being left alone.Marilyn

P.S. Forgot to mention–evenings, weekends, or anytime I, or a friend, or any human being is with her, she’s fine, and doesn’t pee in the house.


Dear Marilyn:

Without knowing the dog, I can only take a shot in the dark. It sounds to me like your dog has separation anxiety. Please read:

– My article on separation anxiety at http://www.dogproblems.com/articles.htm

– My article on housebreaking at http://www.dogproblems.com/housebreaking.htm

In the meantime, you’re going to have to buy a stronger crate. I would recommend doing a search on the internet. There are private companies that make such crates out of metal/stainless steel.

I would call them on the phone and see if they feel that their crates would keep your dog confined and prevent him from hurting himself.

Always buy with a credit card, in case the product is inferior and they try to refuse to stand behind it.

That’s all for now, folks!

Adam – Dogproblems.com


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