Border Collie Training: All You Need to Know to Train Your Best Friend in 4 Insightful Articles

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Border Collie Training: Why Is Consistency Important

Do you know that consistency plays a vital role in border collie training? Indeed, you’ve got to be consistent so that you can obtain the results you want when training your border collie.

Unfortunately, only a few people understand the essence of discipline and consistency in border collie training. As a result, many unwanted things come about.

Those who don’t put much emphasis on consistency are more likely to fail terribly in any dog training program. What’s the point of training your border collie if you aren’t seriously determined to finish what you started off?

How can you make your dog comprehend what he needs to learn if you continue skipping your border collie training routines? Always remember that constant practice is what your collie badly requires so as to ensure satisfaction and success.

Border collies are one of those high maintenance dog breeds. Meaning, they require a lot of mental and physical stimulation. They should be consistently trained and exercised. Otherwise, they could turn into a nuisance in your household.

Instead of nurturing an obedient, sociable and responsible pet, you might find yourself dealing with a rather hyperactive, destructive, unruly and dominant pet dog. Now, that is not what you want to happen, right?

All border collie owners are strongly-advised to always be consistent when training their dogs. They must be passionate and persistent enough to endure all the obstacles of border collie training.

You need to know what your collie distinctively needs and be able to immediately respond to his needs. The more consistent you are in training your border collie, the more beneficial results you can get. All it takes is leadership and communication.

It is very important that you first study your own dog before deciding to start any training program. You ought to first evaluate whether the breed of your choice is really an appropriate pet for you and your family.

Do you possess what it takes to properly raise and train a border collie?This will help you determine whether or not you can regularly provide his needs and remain consistent when conducting border collie training.

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Locating The Very Best Border Collie Training Tips And Hints

Training any type of dog is usually a hard task, even for professional trainers, and each type of dog has distinct personality traits and will have to be trained in a specific manner.

This is especially true for Collies because their large size, even as puppies, makes proper training crucial and their intelligence makes them mischievous.

There are many resources available for discovering Border Collie training tips and following these pointers could make training the dog much easier and more effective.

Resources For Obtaining Good Border Collie Training Tips In the past, there have been numerous publications written by dog training specialists describing the many Border Collie training tips that can be used for the successful training of a family dog, which includes training young puppies to be house friendly.

These types of publications might be specific to Collies or give a broad range of strategies for training dogs spanning various ages and dog breeds.

Not all the suggestions will work for all Collies so it will be up to the person training the dog to determine which Collie training tips work for the dog and change the ones that are no longer working.

The world wide web has emerged as a fantastic place to get Border Collie training tips for the dog owner that would like to train their dog on their own without the help of a specialist trainer.

There are a variety of websites on the internet focused upon Border Collie training and explaining the countless eccentricities of personality that the dog may have which could make training the dog more challenging to complete.

When looking for Collie training tips on the internet, it is vital that you select an online site that has a history of quality with regards to Collies, since there are many people making internet sites that contain no valuable information and contain methods that could be harmful to the dog.

It is advisable to use at least 2 sources of online information when searching for Border Collie training tips to be sure the info that’s found is really appropriate training advice.

Yet another good reference for Border Collie training tips are dog training lessons held by specialist dog trainers.

These kinds of classes are usually designed to show the dog owner the basic principles of dog training and still provide some tricks for the dog owner to utilize to continue the training by themselves in the home.

The classes are generally held at night, as this time is more convenient for dog owners that work in the daytime, and can be attended once or twice per week until the dog owner feels comfy using the Border Collie training tips and methods independently.

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Is A Collie Puppy Right For You?

If you want a medium-sized dog to protect your family and play with the kids, the Collie may just be the perfect pet for you.

The television series “Lassie” made Lassie the beloved symbol for Collies in America. Your new Collie puppy won’t measure up to the wonder dog, but you’ll most likely find him a wonderful family dog.

The Family Protector

The Collie was originally bred to herd sheep, and still has a strong protective instinct, which makes them an excellent choice for a family dog. The American Kennel Club classifies the Collie as part of the Herding Group. These dogs weigh 55 to 80 pounds and stand 22 to 26 inches tall.

The Collie is strong and graceful and has lots of endurance. This dog’s almond shaped eyes seem to sparkle with intelligence, whether they are brown or blue in color.

The Collie’s ears — 3/4 erect with 1/4 folded — make its appearance both alert and appealing. The coat can be either rough or smooth. The rough coat is longer and fuller than the smooth coat. This breed can come in sable and white, tricolor (black, white and tan), or blue merle (tortoise shell) colors.

The Collie enjoys living in the midst of an active family. This breed is not a good choice for apartment living, since it’s a large dog and loves to spend time outside.

A home with a big yard is ideal. Although the Collie is friendly and outgoing, this dog is protective of its family and takes its duties as a watchdog seriously. Your Collie will bark at intruders, whether they are people, cats, squirrels, or pieces of trash blowing around the yard.

Stubborn, But Trainable

The Collie can be quite headstrong and can get into a lot of mischief as a puppy. You should consider attending puppy obedience classes with your Collie, since it is easier to train a small puppy that hasn’t developed bad habits than a 60-pound dog that has.

Also, be firm with your puppy about staying on the floor if you do not want Collie hair on all of your furniture. Once you allow your dog onto the furniture, he will feel that he has a right to be there any time you leave the room.

The Collie breed has few health problems. Eye diseases and PRA (a genetic defect leading to blindness) are the most common problems these dogs face.

A Good Eater

Collies can pack away a lot of food. These dogs have a tendency to overeat, so it is best to give them 3 small meals a day. If your Collie develops a bulge around his middle, talk to your veterinarian about switching to a food that promotes weight loss.

Although a rough coated Collie has long hair, the dog does not need extensive grooming. Brush through your dog’s coat several times a week to avoid mats, paying close attention to the hair around his face, behind his ears, and around his legs. A smooth coated Collie needs only occasional grooming.

If you want a medium-sized dog to protect your family and play with the kids, the Collie may just be the perfect pet for you.

Border Collie Training – More Info

The Collie dog makes an excellent sporting dog, and can be taught to do the work of the Pointer and the Setter, as well as that of the Water Spaniel and the Retriever. He can be trained to perform the duties of other breeds.

He is clever at hunting, having an excellent nose, is a good vermin-killer, and a most faithful watch, guard, and companion.

Little is known with certainty of the origin of the Collie, but his cunning and his outward appearance would seem to indicate a relationship with the wild dog.

Buffon was of opinion that he was the true dog of nature, the stock and model of the whole canine species. He considered the Sheepdog superior in instinct and intelligence to all other breeds, and that, with a character in which education has comparatively little share, he is the only animal born perfectly trained for the service of man.

At the shows this type of dog is invariably at the top of the class. He is considered the most tractable, and is certainly the most agile. Second to this type in favour is the smooth-coated variety, a very hard, useful dog, well adapted for hill work and usually very fleet of foot.

He is not so sweet in temper as the black and white, and is slow to make friends. There is not a more graceful and physically beautiful dog to be seen than the show Collie of the present period. Produced from the old working type, he is now practically a distinct breed.

The skull should be flat, moderately wide between the ears, and gradually tapering towards the eyes. There should only be a slight depression at stop.

The width of skull necessarily depends upon combined length of skull and muzzle; and the whole must be considered in connection with the size of the dog. The cheek should not be full or prominent.

The muzzle should be of fair length, tapering to the nose, and must not show weakness or be snipy or lippy. Whatever the colour of the dog may be, the nose must be black. The teeth should be of good size, sound and level; very slight unevenness is permissible.

The jaws Clean cut and powerful.

The eyes are a very important feature, and give expression to the dog; they should be of medium size, set somewhat obliquely, of almond shape, and of a brown colour except in the case of merles, when the eyes are frequently (one or both) blue and white or china; expression full of intelligence, with a quick alert look when listening.

The ears should be small and moderately wide at the base, and placed not too close together but on the top of the skull and not on the side of the head.

When in repose they should be usually carried thrown back, but when on the alert brought forward and carried semi-erect, with tips slightly drooping in attitude of listening.

The neck should be muscular, powerful and of fair length, and somewhat arched. The body should be strong, with well sprung ribs, chest deep, fairly broad behind the shoulders, which should be sloped, loins very powerful.

The dog should be straight in front. The fore-legs should be straight and muscular, neither in nor out at elbows, with a fair amount of bone; the forearm somewhat fleshy, the pasterns showing flexibility without weakness.

The hind-legs should be muscular at the thighs, clean and sinewy below the hocks, with well bent stifles. The feet should be oval in shape, soles well padded, and the toes arched and close together.

In general character, he is a lithe active dog, his deep chest showing lung power, his neck strength, his sloping shoulders and well-bent hocks indicating speed, and his expression high intelligence.

He should be a fair length on the leg, giving him more of a racy than a cloddy appearance. In a few words, a Collie should show endurance, activity, and intelligence, with free and true action.

In height, dogs should be 22 ins. to 24 ins. at the shoulders, bitches 20 ins. to 22 ins. The weight for dogs is 45 to 65 lbs., bitches 40 to 55 lbs. The smooth collie only differs from the rough in its coat, which should be hard, dense and quite smooth. Border Collie Training: Learn More

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