Yorkie Training: Housebreaking Advice

Yorkie owners may not experience difficulties when it comes to yorkie training considering that the breed is said to be pretty easy to train. With their active and clever personality in addition to having responsible owners, there’s no stopping this breed in learning what they should learn.

However, although they’re of the same breed, not all yorkies have the same personality. For some reason, a yorkie may become stubborn thus resulting to challenging and sometimes frustrating training.

Housebreaking is one of the things your dog ought to perfect throughout his lifetime. It is necessary that he is aware where and when to do his thing unless you are willing to clean after his accidents for 12 years or so.

Yorkie Training to Avoid Housebreaking

Here are some yorkie training advice to help you housebreak your cute toy dog:

– Unless he’s in a crate or a fenced in area, Fido must be constantly supervised to reduce accidents. Additionally, keeping him under your nose at all times when he is out of the crate can also enable you to provide timely correction.

– Speaking of correction, keep in mind to correct him only if you catch him in the act of creating a mistake.

– Know more about your dog’s physical state and capacities. Young pups do not have full control of their bladder and bowel therefore they must be taken out many times a day to avoid accidents. Suggested times are after getting out of bed, when excited, nervous or stressed, after drinking and eating, after exercise or activity and before sleeping.

– Apart from taking him out on a schedule, you should also feed him with high quality dog foods on a schedule.

– Physical punishment is not a factor for successful yorkie training. The truth is, punishment will only do more harm than good.

– Accidents are unavoidable. Should an accident happen, thoroughly clean all your pet’s mess to stop him from doing his thing at that same spot again.

– Reward each and every good behavior.

Yorkie Training Infos

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