How To Prevent Your Dog From Pulling And Tugging At The Leash

Another behavior problem that doesn’t look like a problem is pulling and tugging the leash. Many dogs have developed this habit and has carried this all throughout their lives because their owners even play with them.

They like playing tug of war with their dogs with the leash. There are some who even get a rope that looks like a leash for the purpose of playing with the dogs.

The use of a quality body harness can be a big help when training a puppy not to pull, or retraining a dog that has picked up the habit of pulling on the leash. Try training the puppy to accept the body harness the same way it accepts the regular buckle collar.

When walking with your dog, try using a lure or toy to encourage the dog to remain at your side. A training collar, when properly used, can also be a good training tool for a problem dog. When using a training collar or choke chain, however, it is very important to fit it correctly, and to use a size that is neither too big nor too small for your dog.

Stop Your Dog From Pulling And Tugging At The Leash

It is important to always remember to keep your puppy’s leash loose. However, if the puppy begins to pull ahead of you, never allow them to discover that in doing so, they can escape the loosened leash. For them never to find this out, change directions immediately. Then it will seem that your puppy is the one who needs to catch up and not you!

When leash training a puppy, it is important to never let the puppy pull you around. Training the puppy to walk properly while he or she is still small enough to handle is absolutely vital, especially when dealing with a large breed of dog. If your 150 pound Great Dane hasn’t learned to walk properly while he or she is still a 20 pound puppy, chances are it never will.

The best way to correct your puppy when they don’t want to follow you is to gently caress their head while you are also slowly pulling the leash, never yank or pull too hard, it will hurt them. They are still puppies, mere mischievous little babies that are adventurous. Doing this will give the desired result in the leash training.

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