The History Of Schutzhund As A Breed Evaluation Test Of The German Shepherd Dog Shows Fine Record

The history of Schutzhund as a breed evaluation test of the German Shepherd Dog is what we are going to explain. The word is a German word that means a dog for protection. Since, 1900 the abilities and characteristics of the German Shepherd Dogs are being tested so that these dogs can help the forces.

Tracking, obedience and the protection are the tests conducted to examine the Dog. To check the scenting capabilities, power and mind stability, tracking test is held. For judging the mannerism and condition, obedience test is conducted on these characteristics. The protection test determines the speed at which the dog reacts whenever it is given any command by the handler. Learn the proper methods with our free Schutzhund training videos HERE.

Any alternation made in their typical herding practice has negative impact on the dogs. It affects their working capabilities. That is why breeding is restrained to the GSDs that pAA the Schutzhund tests so that a more efficient breed of GSDs can be produced.

Germany still sticks to this rule and unless a GSD is certified as passed, its progeny cannot be registered as a German Shepherd Dog. This is the true way to maintain the working ability of every generation of the breed. However, just passing the test is not enough. The capability developed through Schutzhund deteriorates rapidly if the dogs are not allowed to perform the duties on a regular basis.

It must be understood that a Schutzhund test is done to eliminate the dogs with incorrect temperament or drive and is not a fun sport to teach your dog the tricks. That German Shepherd Dogs today exhibit almost a human-like attitude and temperament is solely due to the strict breeding programs.

A dam and a Sire, both trained and titled, give birth to cream litters with the most desirable characteristics people expect from the breed. These include a strong desire to work, courage in the face of maximum adversity, high degrees of intelligence, ability to understanding situations, the ability to receive training by developing a strong bond with the handler, persistent determination and a protective instinct bumped up several degrees.

However, that does not mean turning the dog aggressive. Training is directed to allow the animal to decide when and how to grow aggressive for the right reasons or when given the command. Dog training is about heightening natural instincts and intelligence, not creating a new personality.

The history of Schutzhund as a breed evaluation test of the German Shepherd Dog has an enviable reputation. Its popularity is growing across the world. This is likely to continue for some years yet.

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