Save Your Lawn From Dog Urine(1)

Most dogs get accustomed to urinating in the same spot every time, and my two adorable Rottweilers are not any different. The grass around the bottom of the deck is their chosen spot and they pee here all the time.

Unfortunately, this resulted in a horribly looking large patch of dry, burned grass which really ruins the look of my professionally landscaped backyard.

Now the choice was either the dogs or the lawn and my choice was neither. I knew I had to find a solution that would give me a garden I can show off, and still keep my dogs happy.

Dog Urine Causes Grass To Brown

It’s no secret that urine burns grass, as well as many types of shrubs, annual flowers and perennial plants. What causes the burn is nitrogen. When a dog eats a meal, the protein in the food is metabolized. A byproduct of metabolized protein is nitrogen. However, don’t think that if your dog pees in your gas tank, that that equals a nitro-booster.

A majority of the body’s wastes are processed by the kydneys. As the kidneys do their job, a healthy dog will excrete all the nitrogen in his urine.

What’s ironic is that nitrogen is actually used as a fertilizer. So how come a dog’s urine can burn any plant it touches? This is due to the concentration of nitrogen in the urine.

When used in fertilizers, the amounts of nitrogen are very minimal with each dose. Using too much fertilizer in one spot would also kill the grass because of the high concentration of nitrogen.

There is very little you can do to grass that has been damaged by nitrogen. To have lush green grass, you would have to get rid of the patch of dried lawn and plant some new grass.

Replanting dead areas, however, is somewhat of a “band-aid” approach. If you don’t get to the root of the problem (dog urine), you’re likely to wind up with more dead patches of grass all over the lawn.

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