Information You Need To Know About First Aid Supplies For Dogs

Every dog owner should know a few things about applying basic medical care for their canine. Some injuries and illness may require you to use some important first aid supplies for dogs. Put together these items for keeping on hand for those times your dog may need them.

Grooming is a big part of the care you might need to take of the breed of canine you have. You may need bathing often or you might also need to trim hair for keeping your dog sanitary. However, one part of grooming most every owner has to do is nail trimming. In the event you cut a nail too close, it is always good to have blood stop powder handy. This is a yellow powder you can apply to the end of the nail to stop it from bleeding. Most pet stores sell this item.

Giving your pet medicines can sometimes be a challenge. Some medications may not hide well in foods due to strong taste and odor. However, you can purchase pockets that are in in pill shape for placing medicines and masking those tastes and odors. If your dog requires medication on a regular basis, this may be the best way to slip into food without him knowing about it.

Those times your dog may suffer from ear and skin irritations would require you to need help in preventing the scratching that could cause severe irritation and bleeding. This is especially true for those dogs being treated for yeast infection in the ear and those receiving treatment for ear mites. Keeping on hand a rounded collar to prevent this scratching during important treatment can be vital in preventing the scratching that would make these issues a lot worse.

Arthritis can cause severe pain and tough mobility issues for older dogs. In fact, you may have times when you must help your pet to get around in going outdoors or getting to food bowls. Providing padded bedding, stairs for getting to couches or your bed, and food bowls that are raised up to shoulder level is good. You might also ask your vet about other mobility aids available in helping your arthritic pet in getting around. Some physical therapy at home is always a good idea.

Make sure you have some medications available for pain and other conditions for your dog. This is especially true for the canine that suffers with a painful condition like arthritis. Your vet can recommend the best ones for your pet. Many dogs are allowed to take specially buffered aspirin made for canines only to treat pain. You should include medications for calming in the event you need to take your pet in the car. Some natural remedies work well for this problem. Again, your vet can give you all you need for including in a first aid kit.

Dental care plays a big role in your dog being healthy. Dental problems can cause trouble with digestion and being able to eat. Provide your pet with regular cleanings at your vet and make sure you also provide tooth care at home. Check at your vet for the tooth paste and brush you should use for brushing your pets teeth. Dogs can also benefit from specially designed dental bones that can provide hours of chewing that helps to remove and prevent tartar and plaque buildup.

Talk to your vet about the items you should keep as first aid supplies for dogs. You never know when an emergency might arise that would require them. Caring for your pet means you providing all the necessary food, bedding, and medical care he needs to be happy and healthy.

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