Information About Schutzhund Training And How To Get Involved In The Competition

Schutzhund is a European canine sport that was created in the early 1900s. It means “protection dog” and was developed to determine whether specific German Shepherd animals show the traits that are required in order to be police dogs. It is a very hard competition that is held one time a year with just a handful of animals that are able to succeed. Anyone who is interested in entering their dog should start early and practice regular Schutzhund training.

The types of traits that are required for a canine to pass the tests include courage, a desire to work, perseverance, and a protective instinct among other things. A battery of physical strengths, like endurance and agility, are tested as well. This is because the dogs who conquer the exam can end up performing police work that consists of everything from odor detection to search and rescue missions.

Three sections make up the current version of the test. Protection, following, and loyalty make up the test and, in order to succeed, a canine must do well on all three. The dogs must score at least a seventy five out of 100 points and a canine can be excluded at any time if one or more of the judges feel that they are showing too much aggression and fear.

As far as determining the dog’s protective abilities, one judge will have a heavily protected person to hide in certain areas. The canine, after being asked to protect a judge, has to locate the person’s hiding spot and vocally show their location. In similar tests, the animal must react well when the person attempts to attack him or the judge. To succeed, the dogs should display a complete lack of fear and a lot of enthusiasm.

The tracking section of the process was designed to test the German Shepherd’s scenting ability and mental soundness. During this phase a judge will walk across a long field and drop small items along the way. Later the dog is instructed to track the judge by locating each of the dropped articles. Their score is then based on their determination and accuracy.

As with the other sections, the obedience section is accomplish on a big open field too. One dog watches from a few feet away while another is directed to do a number of commands. Gunshots and similar noises are played to test the animal’s reaction. Afterwards, they change places and the test moves forward. The canines in this phase are graded on how well they obey instructions, react to loud noises, and skill.

Although there are quite a few breeds that demonstrate an above average level of skill and loyalty, it is the adored Shepherd that is considered top dog when it comes to obedience and courage.

Now you can get all the details you will need for your dog to be a top competitor with effective Schutzhund training!

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