In Search Of The Best Puppy Trainer

In looking for a puppy trainer, you don’t actually need to bother yourself thinking of unique ways. You just need to be very practical in looking for referrals. You might want to have some exercise with your puppy. The both of you can go touring around the neighborhood or you can go to the park and observe the dogs there. There is a good chance for you to find some dogs who seem to be obedient to their owners, a good indicator of a well trained dog. You can ask the owner how the dog was trained, and if he or she wasn’t the one who trained the dog, ask for a referral so that you will know where to bring your puppy or you can merely add that to the contact of possible trainers.

If you still have no luck, then it is high time to visit the vet. Getting a recommendation from the local vet is very good. For sure your vet must have connections to some of the best in the field of dog training.

When you have a few names and phone numbers, go ahead and make some calls. Ask where they conduct their training. Is it in a public place that might be a hazard to a puppy or do they have a private, enclosed training yard? What steps have they taken for the participants’ safety, particularly for small dogs? When do they recommend puppies begin training? What vaccinations do they require? Inquiring minds need to know!

Then ask if you can go watch a class. Leave your puppy at home and watch how the instructor teaches. Are the students attentive? Are they having fun? Does the instructor relate well to the dogs? Is the instructor’s dog well-behaved? After watching the class, would you be comfortable in this class? If it’s really great, perhaps you can dress up as a dog and enroll yourself!

Never forget that each trainer may have his or her different technique. No technique is best. there are some techniques which will be effective for a certain breed or age group of dogs, but will totally fail for the other group. You should follow the strategy that will be appropriate to both you and your puppy.

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