Cure Dog Dietary Allergies Easily And End Your Dog’s Suffering!

Step 1 in treating your dog for dog diet allergies is to figure out what ingredient (s) she or he is sensitive to. This can be hard but it’s possible.

First, read the ingredient label on the bag and make a list of the protein (s) sources and the grains. Lots of dogs are developing wheat or corn allergies but they can also be allergic to chicken, beef or any other protein.

Second, go to a quality pet food source or go surfing and get a food which has none of the same ingredients. If you are used to purchasing your pet his food at the supermarket, you may be a little overwhelmed at all the higher quality brands available. But that’s ok; there will be a food available without the corn, wheat, and other ingredients your dog might be conditioned to eating.

You do not want to get a giant bag. Try it in smaller bags to work out if it helps your dog stop the itching and scratching first. Get a 2-3 week supply. You should begin to see a difference in this quantity of time if your dog suffers from a dog food allergy.

After 2 weeks, if you see an improvement, you can introduce the other ingredients into his diet one at a time (thru different makes of food) if you’d like. If frequent food changes upset your pet’s tummy, you may end up spreading this “testing” out over months. Keep a log so you may remember what you have fed him and what, if any, reactions were.

You may also add a spoon of yogurt to his food to help in keeping the “good” bacteria active and settle his tummy.

Feed your dog omega 3 trans acids to help end itchy, scratchy skin. You can give fish oil pills, a special dog supplement or add olive oil and ground flaxseeds to your pet’s dinner. These trans acids have natural anti-inflammatory properties which can help with allergies, boost your pet’s immune system and heal raw, sore skin.

You can also relieve itchy skin with oatmeal baths and oatmeal shampoo. If you dog have a lot of “hot spots” you can help with a paste of oatmeal and water. Mix up a paste and apply it to the affected areas for several minutes, then, rinse clean with cleaner water.

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