Canine Early Education – Sending Your Young Pup Off To School

If you are greatly considering early training for your puppies, you are certainly a brilliant pet owner. Take note that many training courses have social handling as a part of their course. Now this isn’t like humans social networking, far from it actually. The dogs are being trained to be around humans a lot and that means that they will be handled by humans a lot so they better get used to that. This will include inspection of the ears, touching the teeth, handling their paws, and toenails too. This will be essential when you do basic grooming to your dog. Your dog will also be checked if they have fleas, ticks, burrs, and tangles in their hairs. This is pretty fussy, huh?

With the training that you and your puppy receive, you are assured that your puppy will behave while you are away and not run away and get lost. Your puppy will be taught to sit and stay at an open gate. You can also train your puppy to bark at strangers, but not in a threatening manner, but in such a way for you to be informed that there is an ‘alien presence’. This way, he is slowly becoming a protective and cautious guard dog.

You puppy will eventually learn how to behave well in the presence of human beings. They will even learn how not to bully other puppies and dogs. They will learn that their aggression can cause trouble and they must check their own emotions and not be to carried by it.

Your puppy will have a closer bond with you during the training. He will accept you to be his permanent companion and his partner. His loyalty will be for you and you alone. House training will also be easier after the basic puppy training is done.

You will understand the importance of this training when you go to a public place since you will see and compare for yourself how your well trained dog isn’t aggressive and noisy compared to the other dogs. Those untrained dogs can even pose a threat to some people since they can and will attack and when they do, there’s no stopping them. But not your dog, you can be sure that your dog is a pleasant companion and sociable enough, even for very young kids.

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